What Does Russia Know About UAP? Probably Not Much.

What Does Russia Know About UAP? Probably Not Much.

UFOs have returned to the national conversation in the past several years. That conversation has often invoked national security concerns. The recent passage of an omnibus spending package included a Senate request for an unclassified report on the issue. The language reflects palpable anxiety about potential technological developments among competitors. The report specifically requests the following:

Identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk

However, former officials close to the topic emphasize an entirely different concern. They are less worried that the objects might be of Russian or Chinese origin, and more troubled by the possibility that other countries may be ahead in understanding them.

In this analytical formulation, UFOs pose two separate threats. Principally, there is a direct threat of having something unidentified and unknown both in terms of capability and intent in protected airspace. This is the national security issue most focus on, as it is obvious. However, former officials like Luis Elizondo also argue there is a secondary threat that competitor nations could learn something of value from studying these objects. In other words, "potential adversaries" may not have achieved a breakthrough today – but they might in the future, if they can learn something of defense significance from observing UFOs.

This is a dizzying premise for many; it requires us to presuppose that at least some UFOs represent a form of unknown technology. The strategic implication is that countries better positioned to learn from that technology stand a better chance at developing qualitative advantages. Likewise, countries that ignore the issue stand to be "strategically surprised" if a breakthrough is made.

This is a kind of defense equivalent of Pascal's wager. Either UFOs do represent a form of technology, or they don't. If they do, it appears significantly more advanced than known technology based on reports. Studying such reports seriously might lead to advances; ignoring them might lead to falling behind. The cost of studying them if they turn out to be nothing interesting is public ridicule and wasted resources – an arguably small price to pay for a paranoid defense planner raised in the context of the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons.

One logical approach to solving this problem is to discreetly study the issue with a minimum viable set of resources. A small footprint helps keep the issue out of the press, which avoids public ridicule and counterintelligence concerns, and also minimizes resources allocated to something that might not be viable. It also strongly suggests that the UFO programs of other countries would be of high interest. While any country would surely be happy to obtain a qualitative advantage, it is almost as important to deny major advantages to competitors. Secondarily, prosaic UFO sightings often are the result of experimental tests and the like. Tracking UFO sightings simultaneously provides insight into conventional programs while also hedging against the risk that there is actually substance to decades of odd reports.

One implication of this view is that we would expect to see a large number of foreign intelligence programs looking at UFOs. They would likely all be quite small and discreet – not because they are hiding any great secret, but rather because they exist largely as a kind of safeguard or counterweight. They would all be preoccupied and likely anxious about other competitors, and all would have an interest in forwarding conventional intelligence when they can obtain it.

In a previous piece, I set out to examine if there is evidence that foreign intelligence services have actually examined the UFO issue in the first place, let alone made progress in understanding them. I found that several countries have indeed run programs at varying scales. Examples to date include the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Argentina and the former Soviet Union. Direct links to government records from many of these programs can be found here. It turns out that there is indeed a pattern of small programs that tend to suffer from limited resources and authorities.

Significant questions remain as to how well funded and enduring these programs are, however. Luis Elizondo, former head of AATIP, previously expressed concern that competitors may know more than the United States. In an interview for my previous piece, he explained that this concern comes from the level of Russian investment in topics involving parapsychology (often termed "psychotronics" in the Russian context.) Documents released by FOIA did reflect significant concerns about Russian investment in parapsychology from at least the DIA and CIA. However, these concerns lessened by the 1990s in a review of the CIA's own Stargate program.

Dr. Puthoff, a former contractor with AATIP, assessed that the Russians had a large, well-resourced program on the basis of an enigmatic set of documents known as Thread-3. In preparation for this piece, I independently obtained a copy of the Thread-3 documents. After communicating with George Knapp, I learned that he intends to publish them. Given his unique position to verify the provenance of the documents and provide their full context, I will defer to him to make them public and not reproduce them here. However, below I draw upon portions of Thread-3 as a source to examine the claim that the Soviet Union ran a large-scale UFO program.

To date, public Soviet sources have been characteristically difficult to parse. For example, propaganda produced by the Soviet Union neatly played both sides of the narrative, simultaneously treating the subject seriously, while also deriding it as an American obsession that thinly justified inflated defense budgets.

In this piece, I provide notes on my translation of Soviet submariner Vladimir Azhazha's book "Underwater UFOs" (original title: Подводные НЛО) to shed further light on the Russian UFO program. The puzzling book simultaneously provides a great deal of context on the Soviet study of UFOs, as well as multiple theories that strain credulity.

Underwater UFO

Azhazha is a major source and figure in Soviet UFOlogy. First, he has been publicly recognized as the head of the first Soviet organization dedicated explicitly to the study of UFOs. Secondly, his involvement in the subject began in 1976 – a crucial period for the study of the subject. Azhazha remained a prolific and controversial writer on the UFO after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Notably, Azhazha's book contains a collection of case notes describing naval UFO incidents. The cases comprise 122 discrete incidents, spanning 600 BCE to 2006. I have compiled and translated these cases into a data set, available for the first time in English. They are also available in downloadable CSV format.

While Azhazha's work and data are intriguing, they also requires very strong caveats. Azhazha's presentation of theories in the book often appear ungrounded – even outlandish. They often cite quasi-mythological ideas and conspiracy tropes. It will take a great deal more time and more research attention to carefully examine his case notes. I offer a preliminary examination of two cases here, both involving the GOES-9 satellite system. These two cases involve incidents that appear to have been solved as prosaic by UFO enthusiasts at the time of the incidents. These two cases do not invalidate the other accounts, but they do underscore the need for caution in working with this material.

Despite these glaring issues, much of his account of the Soviet study of UFOs is corroborated – almost verbatim – by other Russian officials involved in the effort. Despite obvious differences in views, "skeptics" and "believers" alike appear to agree that the Soviet Union only superficially appeared to have a massive UFO program from 1976-1990 due to a military policy to record incidents of unusual phenomena. Azhazha and more skeptical officials tell the same story: in reality, the core program was very small and consistently hampered by a lack of resources and a hostile bureaucracy.

A preliminary note on language. I studied Russian briefly in college and have experience with other Slavic languages, but am by no means fluent. Throughout, I have largely relied on translation tools and only provided light editing to fix obvious transliteration errors or minor grammatical problems. In most cases, I deferred to machine translation rather than substituting my own. Due to the possibility of translation issues, I also retained the original Russian so that other researchers can do their own translation and see the original context. The same caveats apply throughout; it is possible I have mistranslated or misunderstood some concepts.

Recap: Who was Vladimir Azhazha?

Before examining Azhazha's book, it is important to revisit key details of his career. A scientist and former submariner, Azhazha was identified as head of a Soviet UFO research group in the early 1990s:


In the previous piece, I also provided an account from Dr. Jacques Vallée of meeting and speaking to Azhazha in the early 1990s. In the span of a few pages, Vallée gives an account of his conversation with Dr. Azhazha about official Soviet interest in the subject:

"UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat".

To learn more, I sought out information about Azhazha's subsequent writing about UFOs. Azhazha wrote at least seven books on the subject. His most recent appears to be "Underwater UFOs" (Подводные НЛО). The book was published along with Evgeny Litvinov. Publication dates vary with various editions; a digital version was published in 2018 and is the primary text I relied on for my translation.

According to Azhazha, his involvement in UFOs formally began around 1976. Azhazha states that in the 1970s Soviet submariners began observing unusual sonar returns that sounded like the croaking of frogs. Sailors apparently described the phenomena as "Квакеры" ("Quakers" perhaps a corruption of "Croakers.")

Initially, the explanation was that this noise was the product of an American anti-sub program or a new system of navigational aids. This explanation was challenged over time, primarily because the sources of the noise seemed to move. Additionally, Soviet defense planners calculated that a mass deployment of a similar technology would require tens of thousands of sources to be effective as an anti-submarine technology. These calculations led some to believe that the "Quakers" were not American technology.

Over time, the "Quakers" also appeared to behave in unusual ways. According to Azhazha, the source of the noise would sometimes appear to follow submarines, modulating the frequency and tone of signals. Attempts to send sonar messages back often provoked reactions. During this period, the Soviet Navy began to explore alternative explanations more seriously. Azhazha concedes that alien life or other exotic causes were not considered by many; the chief competing explanation appears to have been an unusual form of marine life.

Eventually, a Soviet engineer created a simple device that made a similar "croaking" noise in reaction to disturbances. A theory emerged that the "croakers" might be a kind of distributed sensor system. Azhazha admits that American anti-sub deployments often seemed to coincide with observations of the phenomena. The occurrence of the strange sounds appears to have peaked in the 1970s at high latitudes before ultimately becoming rare.

During this period, other accounts of unusual nautical phenomena became more prevalent. Azhazha cites a rash of UFO sightings, often featuring unusual objects coming into or out of bodies of water. According to Azhazha, by 1976 he was invited by Admiral Yuri Ivanov to examine some of these files.

Previously, Azhazha had served as head of scientific expeditions on the research submarine "Severyanka" (Russian: «Северянка»). Independent CIA reporting on Soviet scientific publications confirms his role as chief of expeditions on the submarine:


Given the apparent concern that the "croaker" phenomena could be a form of unusual marine life, it stands to reason that a submariner of Azhazha's background could be involved in investigating the issue. The formal reason for his inclusion was not stated, beyond his general expertise in underwater operations.

Azhazha claims that subsequent events changed the focus of the investigation away from the "Quaker" phenomena. He cites an incident where a cylinder with a length of several hundred meters (200 meters is equivalent to about 650 feet) was reported hovering over the water in a remote region of the Pacific ocean. The object was said to have a silver like color, and appeared to be a "hive-like" host to a large number of smaller objects. These objects periodically would dive into the water before returning into the cylinder. The cylinder then departed at high speed.

Azhazha records a number of other similar events in this period. According to him, a common feature of these incidents was that the object would be visible optically but completely invisible to radar. In several reported incidents, strange objects came extremely close to military vessels and submarines. The book describes some of the most harrowing episodes happening aboard submarines forced to rapidly maneuver to evade collision.

Somewhat mirroring Elizondo's model of the "Five Observables," Azhazha described the objects as "masters of the water as a medium. They feel as confident in the hydrosphere as they do in the atmosphere, stratosphere or space."  

Azhazha writes "The (Russian) Navy's intelligence Department also received reports of UFOs, but they were scattered and random, which did not allow for an overall picture or analysis. It was decided to organize a systematic collection of information about the appearance of UFOs over the waters and in the depths of the sea." Eventually this led to an order providing instructions on how to better report these incidents, titled "Instructions for Observing UFOs from Ships and Vessels" (Russian: «Инструкция по наблюдению НЛО с кораблей и судов»)

Despite the willingness to gather data, Azhazha describes a fraught political and ideological situation. Potentially describing reactions to his own more "exotic" explanations, he remarks: "Attempts to explain this phenomenon were not taken seriously, and scientists who tried to do this were persecuted, accused of dilettantism and profanation of science."

Azhazha further recounts an exchange between Admiral V. N. Chernavin and other high ranking naval officials. An official responsible for political ideology complained that the UFO issue was nonsensical and representative of the kind of "mysticism" that Soviet ideology eschews.

It is vital to recall that under Marxist-Leninist views, religious or mystical belief is considered symptomatic of an oppressive economic order. Marx famously wrote, "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." Later, Lenin would write "Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism." In practice, the issue of faith and pseudoscience were considerably more complex in the Soviet Union. The Soviet military relied on a "commissar" system, involving officers responsible for political and ideological conformity. Essentially, the Admiral was being confronted by a leader of commissars on ideological grounds.

Such conflicts were typically litigated through philosophical and political argumentation. Azhazha claims that the rebuttal from the admiral was as follows:

If we proceed from our Marxist-Leninist philosophy, then the world is boundless, infinite, without beginning and without end, and why not assume that somewhere there is a planet like, say, our Earth, with another, say, level of development - more or less?

Apparently this answer was not well received; the text is somewhat difficult to follow but it appears this political objection caused considerable problems in the implementation of orders to report and observe UFOs.

The issue became more pointed again within Naval circles in October of 1977, when Azhazha recounts being contacted by Soviet intelligence about an incident in the Barents Sea.


According to a duty officer, about 200 miles from the coast in the Barents Sea, a submarine group was overflown by nine unidentified objects approximately the size of a helicopter. Each was described as appearing to be metal disks, aggressively maneuvering for approximately 18 minutes. The crew was unable to communicate by radio with their main base.

This incident appears to have provoked some action. Given the ideological sensitivities however, Azhazha describes authorities as being loathe to use the term "flying saucer" or "unidentified flying object." In a move now familiar to American audiences, the issue was now described as "anomalous phenomena." The original Russian is provided below:

Официальные органы боялись, как черт ладана, не только термина летающие
тарелки, но даже названия неопознанные летающие объекты, и все это драпировалось туманным названием аномальные явления. И инструкция была озаглавлена так: «Методические указания по организации в военно-морском флоте наблюдений аномальных физических явлений»

Though Azhazha focuses heavily on the apparent Barents Sea incident, it was likely less important to overall Soviet society than an event in September of 1977 known as the "Petrozavodsk phenomenon." The controversial phenomena involved mass sightings of unusual light phenomena and sightings over a vast geographic region over northwestern Russia and Finland. The phenomena is considered somewhat controversial, and is frequently explained by the launch of Soviet satellite Kosmos-955 – notably by Boris Sokolov and Yuli Platov, both also involved in the Soviet study of anomalous phenomena.

Credit: Primetime Live. Hat tip: Douglas Johnson

Sokolov and Platov co-wrote a brief history of the Soviet study of UFOs in this period. Their account is startlingly similar to the language used by Azhazha. In fact, the language is so close, portions appear nearly identical in terms of phrasing. Their piece, including some portions echoed by Azhazha, make a much more skeptical case of the Soviet program. Sokolov and Platov argue that the vast majority of the cases were easily solved, and were the result of mistaken balloons and weapons test programs.

Both Sokolov and Platov were interviewed for an investigative report about UFOlogy by WEWS News Channel 5 in Cleveland. The clip is available above, and largely echoes both Azhazha and Sokolov/Platov's comments about Soviet UFO policy.

According to both Sokolov/Platov and Azhazha, the Petrozavodsk incident provoked a wider study of "anomalous phenomena" at the time. By 1979, a directive was issued to scientific organizations to collect any potential observations of unusual phenomena. By 1980, the directive was extended to military units. Azhazha writes:

This directive allows for the collection of information on UFOs in a huge observation center via the Soviet army, and practically without any financial investment. Every soldier, no matter where he is, without knowing it, becomes one of the potential observers in this program, because in the event of observing any unusual phenomenon, he must report his observations in writing in accordance with an established form.

This "listening post" directive appears to have been an attempt at a low-cost method of collecting data from the Soviet military. This included rules for collecting data on rocket launches and other uses of space technology. Officials with expertise in studying the effects of radiation were appointed high positions in the effort.

According to Azhazha, a small group of four to five people was formed to directly carry out research. Other research problems were allocated to allied institutions as needed. The head scientific organization was the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN).

My previous piece on international programs described an episode in which the director of the French UFO program contacted a representative of the Soviet Union in 1982. The Soviet government responded with an invitation to contact IZMIRAN. This reference appears to corroborate that IZMIRAN was indeed the lead scientific organization in this period.

Synthèse de l'Audit du SEPRA

Azhazha claims that the program activities ranged from collecting reports of UFO sightings, to analyzing materials and developing theoretical models of "various classes of anomalous phenomena." Importantly, both Azhazha and Platov/Sokolov agree that the funds for the research were allocated from the budget of the organizations involved; no specific funding for research was in place.

Ultimately, the Soviet Academy of Sciences considered three primary hypotheses:

  1. UFOs are a product of human activity, i.e. the phenomena are of anthropogenic
  2. UFOs are the product of natural processes occurring on Earth, in the atmosphere
    Earth and near space.
  3. UFOs are a manifestation of the activities of "extraterrestrial civilizations."

Azhazha and Sokolov/Platov note that "UFO" was never accepted in official documents. Instead, the term "anomalous phenomena" was always used. Additionally, the program was kept "closed" to the wider public. This was due to the four reasons:

  1. The program was closely aligned with defense issues
  2. The perceived "high probability of military-technical origin" of "observed strange phenomena"
  3. The relatively frequent association of UFOs with military bases and concentrations of military equipment
  4. The high degree of military interest in the specific properties of UFOs, primarily "lack of radar contrast" and high maneuverability.

Although it is unclear if the program was fully secret, Azhazha claims that the state directed minimal media coverage, and publications on UFOs were "recommended" to be sent for review by the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Over the years, the program received different codenames, including "Grid", "Galaxy" and "Horizon." In each case, the program was bifurcated between a military and a scientific component – often suffixed as either "MO" or "AN." According to Azhazha, the program was formally closed by 1990.

"Mythology" or insanity?

The tone of the book pivots sharply as Azhazha moves to providing an enumerated list of incidents and a corresponding analysis of their implications. The translation becomes significantly more complex in these later passages. In the "analytical" portions, it is sometimes unclear when Azhazha is summarizing, recapitulating mythology or making bald assertions.

For example, Azhazha spends considerable time describing "esoteric" theories that features a kind of Atlantean civilization that has partially transcended materiality. In other passages, he seems to argue that the Earth has undergone periods of extensive nuclear war in its deep history. Bewildering sections interpret the Mayan calendar as evidence for a nuclear cataclysm that altered the Earth's rotation.

Other mainstays of conspiracy thinking make appearances, including the supposed "Sphinx" on Mars and supposed lunar structures. In yet more confusing passages, a kind of partial history of a conflict between Venus, Mars and Earth is described. The sprawling theory again touches on Atlantean ideas, as well as incorporation of global myths about dragons. Throughout, there are quasi-spiritual ideas involving evolution and long forgotten environmental shifts. Very little discernible evidence is provided; the sections are frankly difficult to translate and to read.

Sprinkled throughout are occasional "bottom-line" analyses. For instance, Azhazha offers the following comment "I think that our civilization will not live long. Therefore, 'they' seek to slow down our scientific and technological development somewhat and deliberately do not allow us to discover the phenomena on which their technology is based." It is unclear from context whether "they" refers to an extraterrestrial species, an esoteric being of some kind, or a precursor Earth civilization.

Azhazha's Summary

The book is extraordinarily complex to summarize. Instead, I will offer Azhazha's own summary which he provides in nine enumerated points:

  1. Azhazha emphasizes again a very large number of ocean-based UFO incidents
  2. By Azhazha's estimation, nearly 40% of ocean UFO observations were subsurface. He regards this as evidence that "aliens prefer an aquatic environment...where they feel more secretive and safe."
  3. He assesses the "croaker" phenomena to be caused by mobile UFOs that create a shifting, dynamic infrastructure grid. He further asserts the grid has a "psychotronic" aspect that is intended to keep both NATO and Soviet/Russian submarines away. He connects observations of "water columns," "domes of water disturbances", and various nautical light phenomena as also being related to UFOs
  4. The occurrence of "aliens" in the ocean coincides with human activity, primarily with respect to the military. There is a preoccupation with nuclear and other weapons testing in the ocean.
  5. The most "dense and dangerous contacts" occur near "bases" or "approaches to them." Further, he claims the largest number of "bases" are in the Atlantic ocean
  6. The sixth point is somewhat difficult to decipher. Azhazha asserts "the existence of an underwater civilization on Earth has the right to exist." He cites a supposed "international patent" that appears not to exist.
  7. Azhazha ponders the existence of truly massive UFOs. He asks why such huge structures would be built. Answering his own question, he writes: "[T]he author of this book has long matured the belief that all civilizations, having reached a certain technological stage of development, create and live in ship-bases, artificially created worlds adapted to any needs of their inhabitants, constantly maintained and improved. Such an artificial world is self-sufficient and does not depend on any planet or physical conditions. It is able to move for as long as it wants, apparently in any environment. 'Flying cities', which are apparently able to move even from one planetary system to another, are also observed over our Earth."
  8. Without full transparency about the presence of "aliens on earth" it is impossible to have truly safe surface and subsurface transportation. Azhazha claims another book on this issue of "safety" will be forthcoming.
  9. He closes by claiming that in order to ensure "normal coexistence" of human civilization with that "of Another Mind" it is necessary to carry out a large number of preparations. The first among them is a "properly organized planetary xenological education in a number of higher educational institutions." He claims this is already happening in a very complex way in the United States and in Russia, but that it is a separate and convoluted conversation.

Sample Case: GOES-9


To provide a flavor of the cases collected in the book, here are two examples from the early 1990s. Both reference the GOES-9 weather satellite, one of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites.

The cases reference apparently massive objects (350 and 400 kilometer diameters) supposedly captured in satellite imagery:

Case Number Year Location Russian Description English Description
105 1992 Pacific Ocean Chile Инфракрасные камеры геостационарного спутника США и Чили «GOES-9» зафиксировали пролет гигантского на вид искусственного тела, диаметром около 400 километров над побережьем Чили. Infrared cameras of the geostationary satellite of the United States and Chile "GOES-9" recorded the flight of a giant-looking artificial body, with a diameter of about 400 kilometers over the coast of Chile.
107 1993 Pacific Ocean Тот же спутник «GOES-9» зафиксировал ДОП гигантских размеров, диаметром около 350 километров на скорости перемещения 10 000 км/час. Satellite "GOES-9" recorded a giant UFO, with a diameter of about 350 kilometers and travel speeds of 10,000 km/h

In 1997, a similar incident was recorded and discussed on email newsgroups. The image below shows a small number of white spots that were apparently interpreted as UFOs at the time:

Contemporaneously, these were identified as likely digital photo artifacts. A UFO researcher noted that the incident seemed to be the result of bad data rather than massive UFOs off the coast of Chile.


Azhazha's source for the earlier observations is not provided. However, it appears possible if not likely that Azhazha simply misinterpreted the data.

References to Azhazha in Thread-3

The "Thread-3" materials obtained by George Knapp and Bryan Gresh in the early 1990s offers a third source on this period. These documents describe the Soviet UFO program and some of its findings, and have never been publicly released. Readers interested in the full background on Thread-3 may find my previous piece of interest.

As mentioned above, I independently obtained a copy of these documents and have begun analyzing them. The documents are similar to Azhazha's book in some respects; they contain many interesting clues and pieces of information, but also contain odd statements and theories. Due to the complexities surrounding them, it is not possible to strictly "vet" these documents. However, I have verified that the copies I received are indeed the same that Knapp and Gresh obtained.

Azhazha is mentioned by name five times in the documents. In the first passage, he is described alongside Felix Zigel (discussed in my earlier piece, as well) as working on UFO problems as early as the 1960s. However, according to these documents most of that work involved making general arguments about the importance of the phenomena and tracking foreign research on the subject – particularly French and American. The narrative in Thread-3 also agrees that the "Petrozavodsk phenomenon" incited a wave of policy changes, as described above.

Azhazha appears again in the documents bearing copies of the "MJ-12" documents that have long circulated among conspiracy theorists. A manuscript of Azhazha's work is subsequently cited in a breathless passage about alleged cosmonaut encounters, and again in another section about aviation incidents. Finally, the documents reference Azhazha's approval as chairman of a group studying UFOs around 1979.

Interestingly, the documents seem to make no mention of the naval and submarine incidents cited by Azhazha. In sum, the Thread-3 material portrays Azhazha as being passionately involved in UFOlogy from an early date – but primarily as a promoter of the subject and conduit to foreign UFOlogists.

Preliminary Conclusions

This piece is not an attempt to exhaustively chronicle the Soviet program – such an effort would require far more translation work and access to sources than is currently practical. However, it does provide several things:

  1. Notes on a previously untranslated book from a key figure in Soviet UFOlogy
  2. The publication of a small data set of naval encounters
  3. Initial cross-comparison with the activity of other governments (notably the aborted French outreach in the early 1980s)
  4. Input from the not-yet public Thread-3 material

Taken together, there are a small number of preliminary conclusions:

  1. The Soviet program superficially appeared massive due to the military "listening post" policy, but in practice was limited to roughly five or so people with no dedicated budget
  2. According to Azhazha, a source known to exaggerate the importance of the topic, the pre-1976 program was scattershot and disorganized with respect to data
  3. As in the modern American context, naming proved tricky. Intriguingly, Soviet officials also renamed UFOs to "anomalous phenomena" to make the topic more palatable
  4. All sources appear to agree that the "Petrozavodsk phenomenon" was the single most important event in Soviet UFOlogy. There is lingering controversy today over the explanation; Sokolov and Platov contend that it was ultimately caused by a satellite launch.

Overall, the Soviet program appears to fit the strategic mold described above: a minimally resourced program designed to cheaply leverage observational resources as a hedge against there being anything of substance to stranger reports.

Participants like Sokolov and Platov also emphasized the conventional intelligence aspect of their work. Others like Azhazha have made strong claims, but with limited evidence. The program participants often appeared preoccupied with foreign reports, and with the possibility that what they were observing was American technology. They too struggled with the enduring question: who else knows? What do they know?

The preliminary answer seems to be: everyone has these reports in the international community, but no one knows all that much about them.

Appendix A: Bibliography

Given that Soviet and Russian UFOlogy is not well represented in the West, I have included the "literatura" or bibliography provided in the book. Copies of both the original Russian and English are provided, and give some insight into the sources Azhazha relied on:



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Appendix B: Naval Cases

The full data set can be downloaded in CSV format below. Note that Azhazha uses an idiosyncratic acronym for UFO in Russian: "ДОП."

Download Dataset
Case Number Year Location Russian Description English Description
1 600 BCE Mediterranean Отмечались полеты «огромных бревен» при боевом столкновении лакадемонцев с греками. It was noted flying "huge logs" in clashes of lacedemonia with the Greeks.
2 600 BCE Mediterranean Массовое наблюдение в течение длительного времени «факела» в небе, сопровождавшего флот карфагенян Mass observation for a long time of the "torch" in the sky, which accompanied the Carthaginian fleet to the coast of Italy.
3 1608 Mediterranean У берегов Франции на небе несколько раз демонстрировались битвы и морское сражение. В двух эпизодах происходило затмение неба: днем наступила абсолютная тьма на два часа, чувствовался запах серы Off the coast of France, battles and sea battles were shown several times in the sky. In two episodes there was an Eclipse of the sky: in the afternoon there was absolute darkness for two hours, the smell of sulfur was felt and gunpowder.
4 1717 Carribean При переходе фрегата «Ла Валера» курсом зюйд-ост к острову Мартиника экипаж наблюдал плоский объект над самой водой. During the passage of the frigate "La Valera" course South-East to the island of Martinique, the crew observed a flat object above the water.
5 1739 Sea of Japan Командир русской бригантины "Архангел Михаил» капитан 1-го ранга М. Шпанберг наблюдал вместе с членами экипажа «падение звезды» длиной три метра, с ярким лучом, осветившим все судно. The commander of the Russian Brigantine "Archangel Michael", captain 1st rank M. Shpanberg, watched together with the crew members "falling of the star" three meters long, with a bright beam that illuminated the entire ship.
6 1780 Atlantic Пришедшая с запада «странная туча» на 14 часов закрыла небо над побережьем английских колоний в США. «Было настолько темно, что у самых глаз не видно было листа белой бумаги». A "strange cloud" that came from the West closed the sky over the coast of the British colonies in the United States for 14 hours. "It was so dark that you couldn't see a sheet of white paper near your eyes."
7 1845 Baltic C брига «Агамемнон» вблизи острова Борнхольм наблюдалось «сильное пламя», площадью в 10 квадратных метров, вырывающееся из метрового объекта на воде. Оно не гасло от набегающих волн. From the brig "Agamemnon" near the island of Bornholm, a "strong flame" was observed, with an area of 10 square meters, bursting out of a meter-long object on the water. It is not extinguished from the incident waves.
8 1845 Baltic С корабля «Гангут» наблюдали у Дагерорского маяка «пролет метеора». Вице-адмирал Лазарев-второй связал воедино оба явления. Ship "Gangut" was observed in Digerirlo lighthouse "flying meteor". Vice-Admiral Lazarev is the second tied together both phenomena.
9 1886 Continental US Массовое наблюдение наступления внезапной темноты. Огромное «пятно» на небе, перемещаясь на восток, постепенно погружало во тьму всю страну в течение трех часов. Mass observation of the onset of sudden darkness. A huge "spot" in the sky, moving on the East gradually plunged the whole country into darkness for three hours.
10 1893 East China Sea С британских кораблей «Кэролайн» и «Леандер» наблюдали групповые полеты: днем - дисков, ночью красных огней. Общее время наблюдения не менее десяти часов. From the British ships "Caroline" and "Leander" observed group flights: during the day - disks, at night red lights. The total observation time is not less than ten hours.
11 1901 Persian Gulf Капитан корабля «Кильве» Хоусизон на докладе в Королевском метеорологическом обществе заявил о наблюдении утром в течение 15 минут светящихся кругов на небольшой высоте над поверхностью моря. Они возникали перед кораблем вспышками света, сменяющими друг друга со скоростью 60 миль в час. Captain of the ship "Kilve" Housizon on a report to the Royal meteorological society said about the observation of the morning for 15 minutes of luminous circles at a low altitude above the sea surface. They appeared in front of the ship in flashes of light, alternating with each other at a speed of 60 miles per hour.
12 1904 East China Sea С корабля США «Сэплай» наблюдали около трех минут групповой полет трех объектов на расстоянии двух километров. From the USS Seplay, a group flight of three objects at a distance of two kilometers was observed for about three minutes
13 1912 North Sea Зафиксировано массовое наблюдение над базой Ширнесс, в устье реки Темзы огромного «дирижабля без гондолы», который на скорости 90 км/час скрылся в сторону Дуврского пролива. Этот эпизод обсуждался в Палате общин. A massive observation was recorded over the Sheerness base, at the mouth of the river Thames, of a huge "airship without a gondola", which disappeared at a speed of 90 km/h towards the Strait of Dover. This episode was discussed in the house of Commons.
14 1913 Atlantic Сотни очевидцев со 143 точек наблюдения, включая корабли, отмечали пролет волнами около 300 объектов. Траектория: от Саскачевана (Канада) через район Бермудских островов до мыса Сао-Рок (Бразилия) - более 9000 километров. Высота полета: 40 -70 километров, скорость: 8 -10 км/сек. Hundreds of eyewitnesses from 143 observation points, including ships, noted the passage of waves of about 300 objects. Trajectory: from Saskatchewan (Canada) through the Bermuda area to Cape Sao Rock (Brazil) - more than 9,000 kilometers. Flight altitude: 40 -70 kilometers, speed: 8 -10 km / sec.
15 1913 Atlantic Примерно через пять часов (в 2.30 ночи) по этой же траектории вновь зафиксирован массовый пролет объектов (Земля за это время повернулась на 75 градусов). Approximately five hours later (at 2.30 am), a mass flight of objects was again recorded along the same trajectory. (the Earth turned 75 degrees during this time). NB: "later" Refers to case 14.
16 1913 North Sea С британского корабля «Сити оф Лидс» наблюдали над собой объект, летевший около двух минут в северном направлении. From the British ship "City of Leeds" observed an object flying about two minutes in a northerly direction.
17 1913 Irish Sea Массовое наблюдение, включая береговую охрану, «дирижабля», летевшего на большой скорости от Хорнси до Ливерпуля и далее. Mass surveillance, including coast guard, of a "blimp" flying at high speed from Hornsey to Liverpool and beyond.
18 1922 Atlantic Офицер Фр. С. Блессинг поведал газете «Нью-Йорк таймс» о наблюдении пролета странного метеора в течение трех минут и 20 секунд. В 21.30 он заметил его в 10 градусах над горизонтом. Он летел с болышой скоростью, описал большую дугу перед кораблем, стоявшим у побережья Бразилии в Хобокене, и ушел за горизонт на востоке. Его размер был с Луну. Шар имел ослепительно яркий красный цвет и был окружен сияющим ореолом. За ним тянулся длинный огненный шлейф. Судно и все вокруг на 3550 метров были залиты светом. Оказалось, что это явление видели и в Буэнос-Айресе, и в Монтевидео. Officer FR. S. Blessing told the new York times about observing the passage of a strange meteor for three minutes and 20 seconds. At 21: 30, he spotted it 10 degrees above the horizon. It flew at a high speed, described a large arc in front of the ship lying off the coast of Brazil in Hoboken, and went over the horizon to the East. It was the size of the moon. The ball had a dazzling bright red color and was surrounded by a glowing halo. A long trail of fire followed him. The ship and everything around at 3550 meters were flooded with light. It turned out that this phenomenon was seen in both Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
19 1936 Barents Sea В течение нескольких месяцев фиксировались еженедельные облеты воздушными объектами со стороны Норвегии побережья Кольского полуострова. Это были организованные полеты в строю, обходившие военные аванпосты. For several months, weekly overflights of air objects from the side were recorded Norway coast of the Kola Peninsula. These were organized flights in formation, bypassing military outposts.
20 1938 Arctic Ocean В 10 часов утра в районе Норильск -Дудинка (Обская губа) на два часа наступила неожиданно тьма. «Рассвет» был кроваво-красным. At 10 o'clock in the morning in the area of Norilsk-Dudinka (Ob Bay) for two hours there was an unexpected darkness. The dawn was blood-red.
21 1942 Baltic Sea На протяжении трех часов голландский крейсер «Тремп» преследовался дискообразным объектом гигантских размеров, после чего ДОП улетел со скоростью не менее 6000 км/час. For three hours, the Dutch cruiser "Tremp" was chased by a disc-shaped object of gigantic size, after which IT flew away at a speed of at least 6000 km/h.
22 1942 Pacific Ocean Solomon Islands Зафиксирован массовый пролет объектов группами по 10 -12 штук над островами, в общей сложности более 150 серебристых аппаратов. A mass flight of objects in groups of 10 -12 pieces over the Islands was recorded, with a total of more than 150 silvery vehicles.
23 1943 Norwegian Sea Четыре светящихся диска в течение часа сопровождали конвой, совершая разумные действия. Four glowing disks accompanied the convoy for an hour, performing reasonable actions.
24 1943 North Sea Четыре германские РЛС зафиксировали пролет большого цилиндрического объекта со скоростью 2,5 Маха. Four German radars recorded the passage of a large cylindrical object at a speed of Mach 2.5.
25 1943 Mediterranean Огромных размеров черное облако появилось в штилевую погоду над районом высадки десанта союзных войск на побережье Северной Африки. Оно 10 (!) дней прикрывало данную акваторию и сушу от немецких бомбардировщиков. A huge black cloud appeared in calm weather over the area of the landing of allied troops on the coast of North Africa. It covered this water area and land from German bombers for 10 (!) days
26 1945 Pacific Ocean Mariana Islands Американская эскадра направлялась на остров Окинава для высадки десанта. При продвижении вдоль Марианских островов только на экранах радаров наблюдали приближение более 260 «плотных объектов» с расстояния в 160 км. Они прошли в 600 метрах над эскадрой со скоростью 1600 км/час. Истребители, поднятые с авианосцев, беспрепятственно проскочили через эту армаду. The American squadron was heading to the island of Okinawa for the landing of troops. When moving along Mariana Islands only on radar screens observed the approach of more than 260 " dense objects» from a distance of 160 km. They passed 600 meters above the squadron at a speed of 1600 km / h. Fighter jets lifted from the aircraft carriers passed through this armada unhindered.
27 1947 Baltic Групповой полет мини-ДОП. Зенитчики артдивизиона наблюдали облеты вокруг орудий группы малых дисковидных объектов, диаметром около 70 сантиметров. Через некоторое время «изучения» позиции военных они поднялись вверх и были втянуты более крупными дисками, после чего вся эскадрилья медленно улетела в сторону моря. Group flight mini-UFOs. Anti-aircraft gunners of the artillery division observed overflights around the guns of a group of small disc-shaped objects with a diameter of about 70 centimeters. After some time of "studying" the position of the military, they rose up and were drawn in by larger disks, after which the entire squadron slowly flew away towards the sea.
28 1947 Mediterranean С борта французского эсминца «Рюся» на расстоянии полутора километров наблюдали ночью пролет голубоватого сигарообразного объекта. From onboard French destroyer "Ryusya" at a distance of one and a half kilometers, the flight was observed at night a bluish cigar-shaped object.
29 1951 Yellow Sea 14 радаров американских ВМС вели ночью слежение за ДОП, который описывал круги над эскадрой кораблей, находившихся у берегов Южной Кореи. Скорость полетов ДОП была до 1800 км/час, высота перемещения - порядка 1500 метров, расстояние до ДОП менялось от 5 до 400 километров. Слежение велось около семи часов. 14 radars of the us Navy were tracking the UFO at night, which described circles over a squadron of ships off the coast of South Korea. The speed of the UFO flights was up to 1800 km/h, the height of movement was about 1500 meters, the distance to the UFO varied from 5 to 400 kilometers. Tracking was conducted for about seven hours.
30 1951 Sea of Japan По данным архива «Голубой книги», за 18 месяцев боевых действий в Корее Военно-морскими силами США и Канады зафиксировано на экранах РЛС и визуально не менее 25 случаев пролета ДОП (в том числе моряками на борту авианосцев «Филиппин Си» и «Принстон»). Они приближались на расстояние до 5,5 километра, описывали круги на ввісотах от 15 500 метров до 1500 метров со скоростью от малой до 3300 км/час. 2 февраля 1952 года наблюдалось разделение объекта на два объекта. Время слежения составляло от трех минут до семи часов. According to the archive of the "Blue book" , for 18 months of combat operations in Korea by the naval forces of the United States and Canada recorded on the radar screens and visually at least 25 cases of overflight of UFO (including sailors on Board the aircraft carriers "Philippine sea" and "Princeton"). They approached at a distance of up to 5.5 kilometers, described circles at heights from 15,500 meters to 1,500 meters at a speed from low to 3300 km / h. On February 2, 1952, the division of the object into two objects was observed. The tracking time ranged from three minutes to seven hours.
31 1952 Pacific Ocean Hawaii Islands Секретарь по делам ВМС в администрации Президента США Дэн Кимболл во время полета на Гавайские острова наблюдал над морем два дискообразных объекта. Они дважды облетели его самолет и умчались к сопровождавшему их самолету с адмиралом А. Рэдфордом на борту. Покружившись и около второго самолета, ДОП умчались на скорости 2200 км/час. Зная о многочисленных рапортах пилотов ВМС по наблюдению ДОП, Кимболл потребовал от начальника разведки ВМС проведения полного изучения всех сообщений силами ВМС, но вмешательство ЦРУ не позволило это сделать. Secretary of the Navy in the administration of the President of the United States Dan Kimball during a flight to Hawaii observed two disc-shaped objects above the sea. They circled his plane twice and sped off to the accompanying plane with Admiral A. Radford on Board. After circling around the second plane, UFO sped off at a speed of 2200 km / h. Aware of the numerous reports of Navy surveillance pilots, Kimball demanded that the chief of naval intelligence conduct a full review of all reports by the Navy, but the CIA's intervention did not allow this to be done.
32 1952 Sea of Japan Канадский эсминец вел радарное слежение за двумя дисками, летевшими на высоте 3000 метров, на расстоянии 9 километров. Canadian destroyer conducted radar tracking of two disks flying at an altitude of 3000 meters, at a distance of 9 kilometers.
33 1952 Northern and Baltic Во время 12-дневного крупномасштабного военно-морского учения под кодовым названием «Мэйнбрэйс», в котором участвовали 200 кораблей и 1000 самолетов восьми стран НАТО и Новой Зеландии, было отмечено не менее 12 случаев пролета ДОП в форме шаров, дисков, сигары, треугольника, в том числе в треугольной формации (наблюдалась и траектория ДОП падающего листа), над Северным морем и около побережья Англии, Дании, Ирландии, Исландии, Швеции, Германии и Польши. А с авианосца «Франклин Рузвельт» было сделано три цветных фото «превосходного качества». Максимальная скорость ДОП была 2750 км/час. During the 12-day large-scale naval exercises, codenamed "Mainbrace", which was attended by 200 ships and 1000 aircraft from eight NATO countries and New Zealand, was reported fewer than 12 cases of migration of UFO in the form of balls, discs, cigars, triangles, including in a triangle formation (observed trajectory of falling sheet DOP), over the North sea and around the coast of England, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Germany and Poland. And from the aircraft carrier "Franklin Roosevelt" three color photos of "excellent quality" were taken. The maximum speed of the UFO was 2750 km / h.
34 1952 Gulf of Mexico Экипаж бомбардировщика В-29 наблюдал визуально и на экране радара пролет нескольких групп дисковидных ДОП голубого цвета, обогнавших их на скорости 5000 км/час. На экране РЛС было видео, как они слились с очень большим объектом. The crew of the B-29 bomber observed visually and on the radar screen the passage of several groups of blue disc-shaped UFO that overtook them at a speed of 5000 km/h. On the radar screen was an image of them merging with a very large object.
35 1955 Arctic Ocean Самолеты-разведчики РБ-47 неоднократно наблюдали ДОП над северо-западным побережьем Канады. Одновременно они фиксировались на РЛС и скоростными кинокамерами. RB-47 reconnaissance aircraft have repeatedly observed DOP over the Northwest coast of Canada. At the same time, they were recorded on the radar and high-speed movie cameras.
36 1956 Atlantic Ocean «Огромная стена густого тумана». С этим явлением столкнулось кабелеукладочное судно «Ямакроу» в нескольких километрах от Фестландии, в западной части Атлантического океана (в районе так называемого Бермудского треугольника). Корабль прошел в трехстах метрах от возникшей стены из серного дыма. Эта масса была материальной, но не фиксировалась радаром, ее не могли пробить сильные прожекторы. Эта стена имела большую протяженность. "A huge wall of thick fog." This phenomenon was encountered by the cable-laying vessel "Yamakrow" a few kilometers from Festland, in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean (in the area of the so-called The Bermuda triangle). The ship passed within three hundred meters of the wall of sulfur smoke that had formed. This mass was material, but it was not detected by radar, it could not be penetrated by strong searchlights. This wall had a great length.
37 1957 Gulf of Mexico Сторожевой корабль «Себаго» американских ВМС дважды (в 5.10 и в 21.00) наблюдал визуально и на экране РЛС круглый светящийся объект. ДОП облетел корабль на скорости 1600 км/час и исчез в облаках на высоте 6000 метров. Общее время наблюдения составило около часа. The patrol ship "Sebago" of the us Navy twice (at 5.10 and at 21.00) observed visually and on the on the radar screen, a round glowing object. DOP flew around the ship at a speed of 1600 km / h and disappeared into the clouds at an altitude of 6000 meters. The total observation time was about an hour.
38 1958 Mediterranean and East Atlantic Не менее 12 случаев наблюдения ДОП зафиксировано секретной эскадрильей американских ВМС в Марокко. At least 12 cases of UFO were recorded by a secret squadron of American Navy in Morocco.
39 1959 Pacific Ocean Hawaii Islands Массовое наблюдение группы ДОП восточнее островов в течение двадцати часов. Их фиксировали как американские бомбардировщики, так и экипажи трех авиалайнеров. Mass sighting of group of UFOs east of the sslands for twenty hours. They were recorded by both American bombers and the crews of three Airliners.
40 1959 North Atlantic На военном самолете в Америку возвращались из Европы 27 офицеров и сотрудников ВМС США. В 80 километрах от Ньюфаундленда (Канада) была замечена группа светящихся объектов, почти касавшихся поверхности океана. Как только командир сделал круг над ними, огни погасли, а через несколько секунд перед ними оказался гигантский дискообразный ДОП, диаметром более 100 метров, освещенный по периметру. Едва не столкнувшись с самолетом, ДОП занял позицию позади самолета и через 10 секунд исчез на скорости более 3500 км/час. Позднее оказалось, что произошедшее было зафиксировано на экране РЛС в Гандере. Эта история имеет продолжение, связанное с сокрытием случившегося со стороны ЦРУ. On a military plane, 27 officers and employees of the US Navy were returning to America from Europe. In 80 kilometers from Newfoundland (Canada), a group of luminous objects was seen, almost touching the surface of the ocean. As soon as the commander made a circle above them, the lights went out, and a few seconds later, a giant disk-shaped OBJECT, with a diameter of more than 100 meters, lit up around the perimeter, appeared in front of them. Almost colliding with the plane, DOP took a position behind the plane and after 10 seconds disappeared at a speed of more than 3500 km / h. Later it turned out that the incident was recorded on the screen at a radar station in Gander. This story has a continuation associated with the cover-up of what happened by the CIA.
41 1960 Pacific Ocean Над проливом Хуан-де-Фука (шт. Вашингтон) в течение нескольких часов наблюдался металлический объект с разными сочленениями. Over the Strait of Juan de Fuca (Washington), a metal object with different joints was observed for several hours.
42 1961 Bellingshausen Sea В заливе Маргеля экипаж американского ледокола ВМС «Глейсер» наблюдал объект овальной формы в 200 метрах над островом. Вдруг он, засветившись еще ярче белым, голубым и красным светом, бесшумно разделился на два объекта. Из центра исходили горизонтальные лучи, вращавшиеся по часовой стрелке со скоростью 80 км/час. Свидетель - известный полярник Рубенс Ж. Виллела. In Margel Bay, the crew of the us Navy icebreaker "Glaser" observed an oval-shaped object 200 meters above the island. Suddenly, it glowed even brighter with white, blue and red light, noiselessly it was divided into two objects. Horizontal rays radiated from the center, rotating clockwise at a speed of 80 km/h. The witness is the famous polar Explorer Rubens Zh. Villela.
43 1963 Bermuda Экипаж «Боинга-707», вылетевшего из Пуэрто-Рико в Нью-Йорк, через 20 минут после взлета увидел, как поверхность океана начала взбухать и наконец поднялась огромным водяным куполом, диаметром в несколько сот метров. С полминуты он наблюдал невиданное доселе явление, пока не пролетели мимо по курсу. Подобное в этом районе наблюдали и космонавты. Так, В. Коваленок неоднократно видел, как на поверхности моря поднимались гигантские купола воды, вокруг которых клубились кучевые облака. The crew of the Boeing 707, which took off from Puerto Rico to new York, 20 minutes after takeoff, saw how the surface of the ocean began to swell and finally rose in a huge water dome, several hundred meters in diameter. For half a minute he watched a phenomenon never seen before, until they flew past on their course. Similar things were observed in this area by cosmonauts. So, V. Kovalenok repeatedly saw how giant domes of water rose on the surface of the sea, around which Cumulus clouds swirled.
44 1964 Atlantic В 21.30 с борта польского военного корабля «Крайдова» наблюдали приближение объекта под углом места от 10 до 50 градусов, когда он завис на некоторое время. Его диаметр был оценен в два метра. В бинокль был виден ярко освещенный металлический объект. At 21.30 on Board the Polish warship "Kraydova" observed the approach of the object at an angle of 10 to 50 degrees, when it hovered for a while. Its diameter was estimated at two meters. Through the binoculars, a bright lit metal object was visible
45 1965 Pacific Ocean Phillipines корабля в районе Филиппин наблюдались визуально (12 человек) и фиксировались бортовой РЛС четыре ДОП. Покружившись над кораблем, они ушли в юго-восточном направлении со скоростью 5600 км/час. На следующий день, но уже вечером «феномен» повторился. Ships in the area of the Philippines were observed visually (12 people) and fixed on-Board radar four TIMES. Circling over the ship, they went in a South-easterly direction at a speed of 5600 km/h. The next day, but in the evening, the "phenomenon" was repeated.
46 1965 Carribean У острова Мартиника на рейде Фор-де-Франса триста очевидцев, включая экипажи французских подводных лодок, в 21.15 наблюдали медленное приближение с запада большого светящегося объекта. Бесшумно покружив на юге от кораблей в положении «на ребре», он внезапно исчез. Через полчаса объект возник на том же месте, сделал две петли и через пять минут улетел на запад. Его яркость (по мощности) была оценена известным уфологом Жаком Валле в 2,3 мегаватта. Off the island of Martinique in The fore-de-France roadstead, three hundred eyewitnesses, including the crews of French submarines, at 21.15 observed the slow approach of a large luminous object from the West. Circling silently to the South of the ships in the "edge" position, it suddenly disappeared. Half an hour later, the object appeared in the same place, made two loops and flew West in five minutes. Its brightness (in terms of power) was estimated by a well-known ufologist Jacques Vallee at 2.3 megawatts.
47 1965 Sea of Japan Свидетельствует контр-адмирал О. Чефонов. Он рассказал, как дважды у него, тогда командира атомной подлодки, а также у других командиров на траверзе Находки в плотный туман появлялась на экране РЛС скоростная воздушная цель. Она бесшумно сближалась и, войдя в «мертвую зону» (меньше 0,5 кабельтова - 90 метров), исчезала. Никакие сигналы и маневры подводных лодок на нее не влияли. Rear Admiral O. Chefonov testifies. He told how twice he, then the commander of a nuclear submarine, as well as other commanders on the beam of the Find in a dense fog appeared on the screen High-speed air target radar. She silently approached and, entering the "dead zone" (less 0.5 cable-90 meters), disappeared. No signals or maneuvers of submarines affected her.
48 1965 Arctic Ocean Свидетельствует вице-адмирал Ю. Квятковский: «Будучи командиром подводной лодки, наблюдал в районе Фареро-Исландского противолодочного рубежа круглый оранжево-красный объект на высоте около 5 градусов. Луна в это время была в другой стороне». Evidence of Vice-Admiral Yu. Kvyatkovsky: "Being the commander of a submarine, I observed in the area Faroese-Icelandic anti-submarine line round orange-red object at an altitude of about 5 degrees. The moon was on the other side at that time."
49 1970 Indian Ocean Налетевший ураган потопил танкер «Эннердейл» британских ВМС вблизи Сейшельских островов. 60 человек экипажа с судна водоизмещением 41 500 тонн, спасшиеся на шлюпках, рассказывали о внезапном наступлении темноты: «Казалось небо закрылось каким-то веществом. А море пришло в сильное волнение. Нас колотили силы, слишком мощные, чтобы их можно было назвать погодой». The incoming hurricane sank the British Navy tanker Ennerdale near the Seychelles. 60 crew members from the 41,500-ton vessel, who escaped in boats, told of the sudden onset of darkness: "it Seemed that the sky was covered with some substance. And the sea became very agitated. We were battered by forces too powerful to be called weather."
50 1973 Indian Ocean Наблюдение офицера ВМС из США на мысе Норд-Вест-Кейн. Большой, с Луну, черный сферический объект висел на высоте 600 -700 метров к западу, на расстоянии девяти километров. За 20 секунд, развив невообразимую скорость, исчез без шума и выхлопов в северном направлении. Observation of a US Navy officer at Cape North-West Kane. A large, moon-sized, black spherical object hung at an altitude of 600 -700 meters to the West, at a distance of nine kilometers. In 20 seconds, having developed an unimaginable speed, it disappeared without noise and exhaust in a northerly direction.
51 1976 Barents Sea Свидетельствует капитан 1-го ранга В. Григорян. Он вместе с тремя офицерами около 19 часов наблюдал дисковидный объект зеленого цвета под углом пять градусов. Его размер увеличился до трех диаметров Луны, когда возник овальный бело-матовый «экран». Большой, плоский, он был обращен на юго-запад, в сторону городка. На нем появлялись трансформирующиеся пятна неестественных цветов. Продолжительность наблюдения составила около восьми минут. Оперативный дежурный штаба флота ответил, что, по их данным, в нашем районе «ничего подозрительного не должно быть». Captain of the 1st rank V. Grigoryan testifies. He, along with three officers, observed a disc-shaped object of green color at an angle of five degrees for about 19 hours. Its size has increased to three diameters The moon, when an oval white-matte "screen" appeared. It was large and flat, facing southwest toward the town. On it, transforming spots of unnatural colors appeared. The duration of observation was about eight minutes. The operational duty officer of the fleet headquarters replied that, according to their data, in our area "nothing there should be nothing suspicious. "
52 1976 Barents Sea Свидетельствуют командир атомной ПЛ капитан 1-го ранга А. Коржев и второй командир, капитан 1-го ранга А. Ураев: «Объект в форме вытянутого книзу шара появился ниже сплошной облачности. Приблизился к гражданским судам впереди по курсу, слева и справа, и высветил их лучом. Затем подлетел к нам и завис ранга А. Ураев: «Объект в форме вытянутого книзу шара появился ниже сплошной облачности. Приблизился к гражданским судам впереди по курсу, слева и справа, и высветил их лучом. Затем подлетел к нам и завис над подводной лодкой на высоте 50 -60 метров. На отдалении хорошо просматривались разноцветные горизонтальные полосы, наверху - яркий треугольный огонь. Лучи исходили из нижней, как бы срезанной части. Когда он висел над кораблем, хорошо просматривалась его темная нижняя часть. Его диаметр был от восьми метров в нижней части до 15 метров в максимальной. Пришлось дважды уклоняться от его телескопического луча изменением курса подводной лодки. После этого объект исчез в облаках. О случившемся доложили лишь при возвращении в базу». The commander of the nuclear submarine, captain of the 1st rank A. Korzhev, and the second commander, captain of the 1st rank A. Uraev, testify: "the Object in the form of an elongated ball appeared below the solid cloud cover. He approached the civilian ships ahead of him, left and right, and shone his beam on them. Then it flew up to us and hovered. A. Uraev: "an Object in the form of an elongated ball appeared below the solid cloud cover. He approached the civilian ships ahead of him, left and right, and shone his beam on them. Then it flew up to us and hovered over the submarine at an altitude of 50 -60 meters. In the distance, I could clearly see the multi-colored horizontal stripes, and at the top - a bright triangular fire. The rays came from the lower, as if cut off part. When it hung over the ship, its dark underside was clearly visible. Its diameter was from eight meters in the lower part to 15 meters in the maximum. I had to Dodge it twice telescopic beam by changing the course of the submarine. After that, the object disappeared into the clouds. The incident was reported only upon returning to the base."
53 1976 Mediterranean Свидетельствует капитан 3-го ранга С. Антонов, вахтенный офицер: «Всплыли у Гибралтара в два часа ночи. Слева 10 градусов, угол места 10 градусов, увидел ровный белый круг с серебристым отблеском размером с Луну. Но "луна" ощутимо пошла вверх и при угле места около 80 градусов задержалась. На воде перед нами стал просматриваться выпуклый огромный глобус с подсветкой Средиземного моря. Были видны движущиеся суда и обозначено наше место. Глобус вращался, создавая иллюзию нашего передвижения: слева Испания, приближается "сапог" Италии, а вот и Мальта. Будто высветили наш предстоящий путь. На этом видение исчезло. Круг стал заметно опускаться к Сахаре и исчез справа 10, угол места 10 градусов. Стало сразу темно». Captain of the 3rd rank S. Antonov, officer of the watch, testifies: "we Surfaced off Gibraltar at two o'clock in the morning. On the left, 10 degrees, the angle of the place is 10 degrees, I saw a smooth white circle with a silvery reflection the size of the moon. But the "moon" significantly went up and at a place angle of about 80 degrees was delayed. On the water in front of us, a huge convex globe with the illumination of the Mediterranean sea began to be seen. Were visible moving ships and our place is marked. The globe rotated, creating the illusion of our movement: Spain on the left, Italy's "boot" approaching, and here is Malta. It was as if they had highlighted our upcoming path. With that, the vision disappeared. The circle began to descend noticeably to the Sahara and disappeared from the right 10, the angle of the place is 10 degrees. It was immediately dark."
54 1976 Atlantic Ocean Canary Islands Главком воздушной зоной Канарских островов генерал Доле де Эспехо с борта самолета T-12 в 19.30 вместе с группой офицеров заметил объект белого цвета, крупнее Луны в три раза. Объект стал увеличиваться в размерах, и вскоре внутри большого светящегося полукруга уже просматривалась ярко- зеленая «бочка» с прямоугольным небольшим куполом сверху. Этот объект наблюдали также с учебного судна «Хуан Себастьян Элькано» ВМС Испании между Лас-Пальмас и островом Ланзарот, а также военные на авиабазе Гандо на Большом Канарском острове. Следственная комиссия ВВС Испании сделала заключение: «Летательный аппарат неизвестного происхождения с неизвестным источником энергии…» Commander-in-chief of the Canary Islands air zone General Dole de Espejo from the plane T-12 at 19.30, together with a group of officers, noticed an object of white color, three times larger than the moon. The object became it grew in size, and soon a bright green "barrel" with a rectangular small dome on top was visible inside a large glowing semicircle. This object was also observed from the Spanish Navy training ship "Juan Sebastian Elcano" between Las Palmas and Lanzarote island, as well as the military at the Gando air base on the Grand Canary island. The investigation Commission of the Spanish air force concluded: "an Aircraft of unknown origin with an unknown source of energy..."
55 1976 Barents Sea Командующий флотилией подводных лодок вице-адмирал А. Михайловский лично наблюдал ДОП во время проведения учебных стрельб. The commander of the submarine flotilla, Vice Admiral A. Mikhailovsky, personally observed the UFO during the training exercises.
56 1976 Pacific Ocean Guam Island Свидетельствует адмирал А. Комарицын: «В западной части океана, около острова Гуам и в проливной зоне к Индийскому океану я и другие командиры подводных лодок неоднократно наблюдали над линией горизонта большой желто-красный шар в ночное время. Такие же шары появлялись и над Камчаткой». Admiral A. Komaritsyn testifies: "In the western part of the ocean, near the island of Guam and in the strait zone to the Indian Ocean, I and other submarine commanders repeatedly observed a large yellow-red ball over the horizon at night. The same balloons appeared over Kamchatka."
57 1977 North Atlantic Очень длительное, визуально радиолокационное наблюдение летчика Королевских ВВС Канады. Лейтенант авиации А. Вуд, капрал Торингтон и сержант Грэхем письменно изложили о наблюдении группы ДОП около базы Боулмер в проливе Нортамберленд. Они зависли над морем на высоте 1500 метров. Ближайший ДОП находился на расстоянии почти 5 километров, был круглым, светящимся и в пять раз больше вертолета типа «Вэлвинд». Затем один объект отлетел на восток и изменил форму. Наблюдение продолжалось около ста минут. Very long, visual radar surveillance of a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot. Flight Lieutenant A. Wood, Corporal Thorington, and Sergeant Graham reported in writing about the group's observation UFO info about base Boulmer in the Strait of Northumberland. They hovered over the sea at an altitude of 1500 meters. The nearest UFO was almost 5 kilometers away, round, glowing, and five times the size of a Welwind helicopter. Then one object flew to the east and changed shape. The observation lasted about a hundred minutes.
58 1977 The White Sea № 1. Уникальная подводная лодка 705-го проекта возвращалась с морских ходовых испытаний на завод в Северодвинск. Капитан 2-го ранга В. Щербаков обратил внимание на быстро перемещающуюся по небу яркую звездочку. При движении с севера на юг она превратилась в светлую полоску. С помощью бинокля стало видно, как с одного конца цилиндра стали вылетать объекты с горошину, которые разлетались в разные стороны. Оценить высоту и размеры не представлялось возможным. На часах было начало четвертого часа ночи. № 2. Подводная лодка проекта 671. Из личной беседы с контр-адмиралом У. Аббасовым: «Находясь около четырех часов ночи в горле Белого моря, наблюдал медленный, бесшумный, довольно низкий пролет двух объектов с северо-востока на юго-запад. Оба были по форме вытянутого книзу шара со срезанным горизонтальным конусом. Они светились концентрическими горизонтальными полосами темных и светлых тонов». (Оба случая произошли в день «Петрозаводского чуда».) No. 1. The unique submarine of the 705th project was returning from sea sea trials to the plant in Severodvinsk. Captain of the 2nd rank V. Shcherbakov drew attention to the rapidly moving through the sky a bright star. When moving from north to south, it turned into a light strip. With the help of binoculars, it became clear how objects the size of peas began to fly out from one end of the cylinder, which flew in different directions. It was not possible to estimate the height and dimensions. It was just after three o'clock in the morning. No. 2. Project 671 submarine. From a personal conversation with Rear Admiral U. Abbasov: "Being about four o'clock in the morning in the throat of the White Sea, I observed a slow, silent, rather low flight of two objects from north-east to south-west. Both were shaped like an elongated ball with a horizontal cone cut off. They glowed in concentric horizontal bands of dark and lighttones." (Both cases occurred on the day of the "Petrozavodsk Miracle".)
59 Missing Missing Missing Missing
60 1977 Atlantic Ocean Brazil Устье реки Амазонка, Коларес. В 19.00 зафиксирован пролет объекта, диаметром полтора метра, на расстоянии 500 метров. Сверху диска был купол, спереди - два выступа по краям, сзади выхлоп газов. The mouth of the Amazon River, Colares. At 19.00, a flight of an object with a diameter of one and a half meters, at a distance of 500 meters, was recorded. On top of the disk was a dome, in front-two protrusions at the edges, behind the exhaust gases.
61 1978 Mediterranean ДОП наблюдался со сторожевого катера СП-2018 Италии. UFO was obsered from patrol boat SP-2018 Italy
62 1978 Barents Sea Весь личный состав дивизии при построении на пирсе наблюдал появление двух объектов над акваторией. Они висели на большой высоте, но их объемность явно ощущалась. По докладу оперативного дежурного вскоре прилетело звено истребителей, но ДОП улетели, не дождавшись подлета. The entire personnel of the division during the formation on the pier observed the appearance of two objects over the water area. They hung at a great height, but their bulk was clearly felt. On the report of the Operational Committee the duty officer soon flew a flight of fighters, but UFO flew away without waiting for the approach.
63 1978 Barents Sea Заместитель командира подводной лодки В. Стюарт: «В районе Первомайки в сумерках встретил ДОП, который высветил его автомашину мощным лучом. На задний ход автомобиля ДОП отреагировал отлетом». Deputy commander of the submarine V. Stewart: "In the area of Pervomaika at dusk I met UFO, which illuminated his car with a powerful beam. The UFO reacted to the reverse of the car by flying away."
64 1979 Barents Sea Не менее трех случаев. Личный состав подводных лодок, проходящих межпоходовый ремонт в губе Малая Лопаткина, а также работники плавмастерских неоднократно наблюдали зависание дискообразных объектов. Они часами в зависшем положении наблюдали, по-видимому, за происходящим, иногда снижались по траектории «падающего листа», а затем возносились по «восходящей спирали». At least three cases. Personnel of submarines undergoing inter-ship repairs in the Malaya Lopatkina Bay, as well as employees of floating workshops, repeatedly observed the hovering of disc-shaped objects. They spent hours in a hovering position, apparently watching what was happening, sometimes they descended along the trajectory of a "falling leaf", and then ascended in an "ascending spiral".
65 1979 Mediterranean В 10.59 РЛС авиабазы Торрейон (Испания) зафиксировала пролет объекта в северо-западном направлении со скоростью 1556 км/час. На вылет истребителя с авиабазы Манисес объект отреагировал резким смещением своего места, набором высоты до 24 километров и изменением курса на 90 градусов. Общее время наблюдения составило 12 минут. At 10.59, the radar of the Torreion air Base (Spain) recorded a flight of the object in the north-west direction at a speed of 1556 km/h. The object reacted to the departure of the fighter from the Manises Air Base by sharply shifting its position, climbing up to 24 kilometers and changing its course by 90 degrees. The total observation time was 12 minutes.
66 1979 Baltic Sea Свидетельствует капитан 3-го ранга С. Антонов: «Вышли из Лиепаи на отработку задач боевой подготовки. В 9.30 РЛС подводной лодки засекла "цель" на расстоянии 110 метров, справа 20 градусов. Видимость более 200 метров, но визуально ничего не просматривалось. Тем временем отметка на экране приближалась, вошла в "мертвую зону" и затем оказалась по левому борту. Ни шума двигателей, ни объекта. Однако это повторялось, как по кругу, три раза. Под конец отметка проследовала прямым параллельным лодке курсом и пропала». Captain of the 3rd rank S. Antonov testifies: "We left Liepaja to work out combat training tasks. At 9: 30, the submarine's radar picked up the "target" at a distance of 110 meters, 20 degrees to the right. Visibility over 200 meters, but nothing was visually visible. Meanwhile, the mark on the screen approached, entered the "dead zone" and then appeared on the left side. No engine noise, no object. However, this was repeated, as if in a circle, three times. At the end, the mark followed a straight course parallel to the boat and disappeared."
67 1979 Barents Sea Вахтенный офицер ПЛ С. Антонов: «"Альбатрос" (РЛС) зафиксировал "цель" в районе Териберки на расстоянии 28 километров (150 кабельтов). Она летела в сторону океана, визуальне наблюдалась». Officer of the deck PL S. Antonov: "Albatros (radar) recorded a "target" in the area of Teriberka at a distance of 28 kilometers (150 cables). It was flying towards the ocean, visually observed.
68 1979 Mediterranean Время 17.20. РЛС центра «Пегасо» зафиксировала ДОП в 40 километрах южнее Моррил (Гренада). 15 минут цель находилась вне морских пределов Испании. В 17.45 «Мираж» Ф-1 взлетел с авиабазы Лос-Льянос для перехвата. Достигнув заданного района и не обнаружив объекта, летчик в 18.16 повернул на базу и через несколько минут увидел три огня в треугольной формации на расстоянии 19 километров и высоте 9100 метров. Огни были яркого, красно-желтого цвета. Бортовой радар с радиусом действия 70 километров этих огней не фиксировал. Попытки сблизиться были безуспешными. Объект уходил к Алжиру. В 18.30 летчик решил возвращаться на базу, и тут на канале связи пилота с оперативным центром пилот услышал детские голоса, которые с явным смехом говорили по-испански: «Хэлло, как вы там?» Это продолжалось 30 секунд. В центре сопровождения «Пегасо» шли помехи. век. 80-е годы: 21 эпизод, 27 случаев Time 17.20. Radar center "Pegaso" recorded an additional 40 kilometers south of Morrill (Grenada). For 15 minutes, the target was out of the sea limits of Spain. At 17.45, the Mirage F-1 took off from Los Llanos Air Base to intercept. Having reached the specified area and not finding the object, the pilot turned to the base at 18.16 and a few minutes later I saw three fires in a triangular formation at a distance of 19 kilometers and an altitude of 9100 meters. The lights were bright red and yellow. The onboard radar with a range of 70 kilometers did not record these lights. Attempts to get closer were unsuccessful. The object went to Algeria. At 18: 30, the pilot decided to return to the base, and then on the pilot's communication channel with the operations center, the pilot heard children's voices, which with obvious laughter said in Spanish: "Hello, how are you there?" In the center of the escort "Pegaso" were interference.
69 1980 Mediterranean Свидетельствует капитан 1-го ранга В. Григорян: «Мы с группой курсантов Бакинского высшего военно- морского училища (50 человек) наблюдали ДОП в форме парашюта с борта учебного корабля "Смольный" южнее Корсики. В стационарный бинокль 12-кратного увеличения четко были видны яркий желто-красный цвет объекта и два симметричных выступа, выходящих под углом 45 градусов из середины конической части. Объект был обнаружен по левому борту, угол места - 20 градусов. Солнце шло к закату и находилось справа 30 градусов. Время наблюдения - около 20 минут. Командир корабля и начальник похода доложили "по команде" о пересечении курса "неизвестным объектом"». Captain of the 1st rank V. Grigoryan testifies: "We with a group of cadets of the Baku Higher Naval School (50 people) observed a parachute - shaped DUP from the Smolny training ship south of Corsica. The 12x magnification of the stationary binoculars clearly showed the bright yellow-red color of the object and two symmetrical protrusions that emerged at an angle of 45 degrees from the middle of the conical part. The object was detected on the left side, the angle of the place-20 degrees. The sun was setting and was to the right 30 degrees. The observation time is about 20 minutes. The commander of the ship and the head of the campaign reported "on command" about the intersection of the course "unknown object".
70 1980 East Atlantic Научно-исследовательское судно (НИС) «Виктор Бугаев» находился в точке: 35°59' с.ш., 10°18' з.д. Девятьчеловек вместе с начальником отряда Кистановым вечером, в 18.00, наблюдали пролет в северо-восточномнаправлении объекта в форме конусообразной по концам сигары, с ярким снопом света в носовой части. Онмедленно и бесшумно пересек курс судна за кормой на высоте около трех километров. Через несколькосекунд аппарат завис, медленно вращаясь. От него отделился такой же аппарат, который с ускорениемскрылся в северо-западном направлении. После чего первый объект убрал «сноп» света и, увеличиваяскорость, скрылся в прежнем направлении. У обоих объектов по центру на одну шестую длины корпусапроходила темная полоса. Общее время наблюдения составило более двух минут. The research vessel (NIS) "Viktor Bugaev" was located at the point: 35°59 's. w., 10°18' s.d. Ninepeople together with the head of the detachment Kistanov in the evening, at 18.00, observed the flight in the north-eastdirection of the object in the form of a cone-shaped cigar at the ends, with a bright beam of light in the bow. Heslowly and silently he crossed the ship's course astern at an altitude of about three kilometers. After a fewseconds, the device hovered, slowly rotating. A similar vehicle separated from it, whichdisappeared with acceleration in a north-westerly direction. After that, the first object removed the" sheaf " of light and, increasingits speed, disappeared in the same direction. Both objects had a dark stripe running down the center for one-sixth of the length of the hull. The total observation time was more than two minutes.
71 1980 Atlantic В районе Бермуд свидетель А. Озимков и еще четыре человека во время проведения военных учений на Кубе в районе Алькесар наблюдали в три часа ночи массовый медленный пролет объектов посередине между ду горизонтом и Полярной звездой. Яркие предметы (около 10 штук) имели округлую форму, а впереди их объект был больше размером и выглядел многогранником с «переливчатым ореолом». Время наблюдения составило 30 минут. In the area of the Bermuda the witness A. Oshemkov and four others during a military exercise in Cuba in the area of Alcesar observed at three o'clock in the morning a massive slow flight of objectsin the middle between the southern horizon and the North Star. Bright objects (about 10 pieces) had a rounded shape, and in front of theirobject was larger and looked like a polyhedron with an "iridescent halo". The observation time was 30 minutes.
72 1980 Caspian Sea Свидетельствует капитан 1-го ранга В. Григорян: «На Каспии проводились испытания экранопланов. И всякий раз они проходили под наблюдением светящихся ДОП» Captain of the 1st rank V. Grigoryan testifies: "Ekranoplans were tested in the Caspian Sea. And each time they passed under the supervision of the glowing UFO."
73 1981 Sea of Marmara При фотографировании подводной лодки в Измитском заливе, около базы турецких ВМС Гельджюк офицер Д. Сум снял ДОП. Исследования пленки в Германии и в США подтвердили подлинность снимка. When photographing a submarine in the Gulf of Izmit, near the base of the Turkish Navy Geldzyuk , officer D. Sum took a photo. Studies of the film in Germany and in the United States confirmed the authenticity of the image.
74 1982 Sea of Japan На акватории базы тихоокеанского флота (Тихоокеанск) уже заканчивались учения кораблей и авиации Дальневосточного военного округа. Вернулась на борт тяжелых авианесущих крейсеров (ТАКР) «Минск» и «Новороссийск» вся авиация, принимавшая участие в учении. Вдруг на экране РЛС одного из ТАКР появилась «цель», совершавшая заход на посадку. На запрос «свой чужой» объект не отвечал, в активном режиме не фиксировался. На всякий случай подсветили посадочную площадку, а объект решили опознать визуально с помощью прожекторов. По звуку приближающегося объекта, напоминавшему «полет шмеля», стало ясно, что это не ожидаемый вертолет. На отметке 150 метров включили прожектор по пеленгу на цель, но луч уперся в пустоту - объект исчез. Подобное повторилось еще несколько раз. Когда проанализировали все траектории неизвестной цели, оказалось, что она повторила все шесть маневров вертолетов, которые отрабатывались на учении. Пеленгация и сопровождение объекта велись двумя РЛС кораблей с привязкой к берегу и соседним кораблям в течение трех часов. Помехи или ошибки исключены. In the waters of the base of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific), the exercises of ships and aircraft of the Far Eastern Military District were already ending. All the aircraft that took part in the exercise returned to the board of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers "Minsk" and "Novorossiysk". Suddenly , a "target" appeared on the radar screen of one of the tacrs, making a landing approach. The object did not respond to the request "your friend" , it was not recorded in active mode. Just in case, they highlighted the landing site, and decided to identify the object visually with the aid of spotlights. From the sound of the approaching object, which resembled the "flight of a bumblebee", it became clear that this was not the expected helicopter. At the mark of 150 meters, they turned on the searchlight on the bearing on the target, but the beam rested on the void - the object disappeared. This was repeated several times. When they analyzed all the trajectories of the unknown target, it turned out that it repeated all six maneuvers of the helicopters that were practiced during the exercise. Direction finding and tracking of the object were carried out by two radars of ships tied to the shore and neighboring ships for three hours. Interference or errors are excluded.
75 1982 Barents Sea Свидетельствует старший помощник командира, капитан 2-го ранга Яцевич Е.: «Вел команду на пирс, когда все увидели в 7.30 утра между штабом объединения и пирсом светящийся объект на высоте 800 метров. От него вышел конусный луч зеленого цвета, затем луч сузился, а объект поднялся и исчез». According to the senior assistant commander, Captain 2nd rank Yatsevich E.: "I was leading the team to the pier when everyone saw at 7.30 am between the headquarters of the association and the pier a glowing object at an altitude of 800 meters. A cone-shaped beam of green light came out from it, then the beam narrowed, and the object rose and disappeared."
76 1983 Pacific Ocean Kamchatka После наблюдения ДОП над Петропавловском-Камчатским на берегу были найдены материальные фрагменты неизвестного происхождения. After the observation of the UFO over Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, material fragments of unknown origin were found on the shore.
77 1983 Black Sea Военные моряки наблюдали визуально и с помощью РЛС объект овальной формы с красными огнями сверху и зелеными - снизу. Объект маневрировал вдоль побережья Черного моря и над озером Донузлав. Через несколько минут появились перехватчики, но за мгновение до появления самолетов объект с невероятной скоростью ушел вертикально в небо. The sailors observed visually and with the help of radar an oval-shaped object with red lights on top and green lights on the bottom. The object maneuvered along the Black Sea coast and over Lake Donuzlav. A few minutes later, interceptors appeared, but an instant before the aircraft appeared, the object went vertically into the sky with incredible speed.
78 1984 Mediterranean В восточной части моря с советского военного корабля наблюдался ДОП диаметром около 20 метров, состоящий из двух дисков, медленно вращавшихся в противоположных направлениях. Команда пыталась привлечь его внимание сигнальными фонарями, но объект направился к арабскому сухогрузу, следующему к берегам Греции. Покружившись над ним, неожиданно на большой скорости ДОП поднялся вверх и исчез. In the eastern part of the sea, a Soviet warship observed a UFO with a diameter of about 20 meters, consisting of two disks slowly rotating in opposite directions. The team tried to attract his attention with signal lights, but the object went to the Arab cargo ship, following to the coast of Greece. Circling above it, it suddenly rose up at high speed and disappeared.
79 1984 Gulf of Finland В 04.06 с борта корабля курсанты военно-морского училища наблюдали светящийся объект треугольной формы с симметрично расходящимися светящимися «усами». Под ним поднимался шар яркого сине- зеленого цвета. Через три минуты верхний объект как будто растворился, а шар завис на 20 минут. Затем и он стал тускнеть, принимая различные формы. Общее время наблюдения - более полутора часов. At 04.06 on board the ship, cadets of the naval School observed a glowing object of triangular shape with symmetrically diverging luminous "mustaches". A ball of bright blue - green color rose beneath him. After three minutes, the top object seemed to dissolve, and the ball hovered for 20 minutes. Then and it began to fade, taking on various forms. The total observation time is more than one and a half hours.
80 1985 Gulf of Finland Свидетельствует капитан 3-го ранга Н. Демин - офицер гидрографической службы. Береговые службы наблюдения и корабли в море в течение почти двух часов наблюдали и «вели» ДОП вдоль побережья Эстонии, от траверза г. Локса до траверза северного мыса острова Хийумаа. Объект выглядел как шар с одним и тремя лучами голубого цвета. Перед исчезновением в 23.20 объект выглядел как светящееся овальное облако. Captain of the 3rd rank N. Demin, an officer of the hydrographic Service, testifies. Coastal surveillance services and ships at sea for almost two hours observed and "led" the UFO along the coast Estonia, from the traverse of Loks to the traverse of the northern cape of Hiiumaa Island. The object looked like a ball with one and three rays of blue color. Before disappearing at 23.20, the object looked like a glowing an oval cloud.
81 1985 Atlantic Ocean Cuba Свидетельствует капитан 1-го ранга И. Барклай, ветеран разведки: «Экипаж рефрижератора водоизмещением 26 000 тонн во главе с капитаном Г. Барановым при подходе к Кубе наблюдал удивительно красочный ДОП. Объект несколько раз облетывал судно, удалялся и приближался, менял цвета и форму - от диска до "треугольника"». Было сделано много снимков и зарисовок. Последние осенно помогли в расследовании этого случая в Главном штабе ВМФ. Captain of the 1st rank I. Barclay, a veteran of intelligence, testifies :" The crew of the refrigerator ship with a displacement of 26,000 tons, led by Captain G. Baranov, a surprisingly colorful UFO was observed on the approach to Cuba. The object circled the ship several times, moved away and approached, changed colors and shape-from a disk to a "triangle". Many pictures and sketches were taken. Last Osanna helped in the investigation of this case in the Main headquarters of the Navy
82 1986 Baltic Sea Моряк срочной службы Дмитрий С. с борта сторожевого корабля на рейде пролива Соэла у острова Хийумаа в 20.00 наблюдал шар-облако в северной части неба, угол места - 60 градусов. Угловой размер составлял 5 6 градусов. От него вниз был направлен сноп трехцветных лучей. Диаметр расширяющегося луча на поверхности воды равнялся диаметру шара. Время наблюдения - две минуты. The sailor of urgent service Dmitry S. from the board of the patrol ship on the roadstead of the Soela Strait near the island Hiyumaa at 20.00 observed a ball-cloud in the northern part of the sky, the angle of the place-60 degrees. The angular size was 5 to 6 degrees. A beam of three-colored rays was directed down from it. Diameter of the expanding the beam on the surface of the water was equal to the diameter of the ball. The observation time is two minutes.
83 1988 Atlantic Северо-восточное побережье Южной Америки. Экипаж бразильского эсминца «Песуфу» вблизи острова Фернанду-ди-Норонья (4 градуса южной широты) ночью увидел трехмачтовый парусник без огней, в светло- голубом ореоле. На сигналы он не реагировал, но на холостой предупредительный выстрел резко изменил курс и на большой скорости, в безветрии удалился на север. Догнать его не удалось, а патрульный вертолет не обнаружил никаких следов. Неделей позже он был замечен ночью вблизи порта Кайенна (Гвиана). North-east coast of South America. The crew of the Brazilian destroyer "Pasupu" near the island Fernando de Noronha (4 degrees south latitude) at night saw a three-masted sailboat without lights, in a light blue halo. He didn't respond to the signals, but he changed his mind abruptly to a blank warning shot. the course and at high speed, in the calmness of the wind went to the north. It was not possible to catch up with him, and the patrol helicopter did not find any traces. A week later, he was spotted at night near the port of Cayenne (Guiana).
84 1988 Atlantic Puerto Rico Более 300 участников политического митинга наблюдали в течение 30 минут базовый корабль в форме светящейся сигары, который выпускал и принимал на борт малые аппараты шаровидной формы. Это происходило около озера Лагуна Картагена, входящего в арендуемую США зону, где часто наблюдаются More than 300 participants of the political rally watched for 30 minutes the base ship in the shape of a glowing cigar, which released and took on board small spherical devices. This occurred near the Laguna Lake of Cartagena, part of the US-leased zone, where frequent sightings are observed.
85 1989 Southeast Atlantic Операторы на радарах кораблей ВМФ СССР неоднократно отмечали появление шарообразного объекта, зависающего на большой высоте над советскими подводными лодками южнее Африки Operators on the radars of Soviet Navy ships have repeatedly noted the appearance of a spherical object hovering at high altitude over Soviet submarines south of Africa.
86 1989 Caspian Sea Двое военных пожарников под Баку (пос. Вишневка) на дежурстве в 4.23 утра видели быстрый и бесшумный пролет с юга на север на малой высоте объект в форме полусферы светло-голубого цвета. Были видны по два огня спереди и сзади. Объект скрылся над морем. Время наблюдения - около минуты. Средиземное и Черное моря. Лето 1989 г. 2 случая. Two military firefighters near Baku (Vishnevka village) on duty at 4.23 am saw a fast and silent flight from south to north at a low altitude object in the shape of a hemisphere of light blue color. Two lights were visible in front and behind. The object disappeared over the sea. The observation time is about a minute.
87 1989 Mediterranean № 1. Корабль дрейфовал в Средиземном море. В 18.30 несколько офицеров с палубы заметили невысоко в небе огненный шар с языками пламени в задней части по ходу его движения. Объект прошел вдоль корабля, затем круто развернулся в сторону американского авианосца, пересек его и, повернув на 90 градусов, ушел за горизонт. Все маневры проделал бесшумно, на РЛС не отражался. The ship was drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. At 18: 30, several officers from the deck noticed a low -lying fireball in the sky with tongues of flame in the rear as it moved. The object passed along the ship, then turned sharply in the direction of the American aircraft carrier, crossed it and, turning 90 degrees, went over the horizon. All maneuvers were done silently, the radar was not reflected.
88 1989 Black Sea По возвращении в Севастополь около 22 часов экипаж увидел большой сигарообразный объект. Его наблюдали и жители города. РЛС также его не фиксировала. 90 degrees, went over the horizon. All maneuvers were done silently, the radar was not reflected. № 2. Upon returning to Sevastopol at about 22 hours, the crew saw a large cigar-shaped object. It was also observed by residents of the city. The radar also did not record it.
89 1989 White Sea Капитан НИС «Академик А. Крылов» и три члена экипажа наблюдали ДОП в форме «светящегося облачка». Оно без дыма, шлейфа и шума пролетело с юга на северо-восток, пересекая курс корабля справа налево, под углом 30 градусов к горизонту, со скоростью самолета. Через бинокль было видно, как внутри объекта мигал неоновый огонь, который вдруг отделился от облачка. Отстав на значительное расстояние, «мигалка» погасла, а первоначальный объект удалился по курсовому углу 30 градусов левого борта. The captain of the NIS "Akademik A. Krylov" and three crew members observed the UFO in the form of a "luminous cloud". It flew from south to northeast without smoke, plume or noise, crossing the ship's course from right to left, at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon, at the speed of an airplane. Through the binoculars, a neon light was flashing inside the object, which suddenly separated from the cloud. Lagging a considerable distance, the "flasher" went out, and the original object moved away at a heading angle of 30 degrees to port.
90 1989 Black Sea ДОП над морем наблюдали военные погранзаставы под Одессой. The military border posts near Odessa were also observed over the sea.
91 1990 Black Sea Визуально-радиолокационный контакт. Одесские пограничники около трех часов морем. Соседи сообщили: «От ДОП отделился модуль и полетел к вам». Заставу подняли по тревоге. Капитан Н. на этот раз взял видеокамеру. Объект висел в восточной части неба на расстоянии, казалось бы, не более двух километров. Его угловой размер соответствовал диаметру Луны, только сверху диск был срезан, а внизу просматривался полукруглый вырез. Цвет - серебристый и свечение, особенно сбоку, выглядело как бушующее пламя. Позже РЛС, находящаяся в 50 километрах определила нахождение объекта на удалении 100 километров и высоте - 35 километров. С рассветом объект выглядел как классическая летающая тарелка, которая стала подниматься вверх и исчезла. Видеопленка зафиксировала 15 минут четкого изображения ДОП. Visual-radar contact. Odessa border guards about three hours by sea. Neighbors reported: "The module separated from the UFO and flew to you." The outpost was alerted. Captain N. this time took a video camera. The object hung in the eastern sky at a distance of seemingly no more than two kilometers. Its angular size corresponded to the diameter of the Moon, only from above the disk was it was cut off, and a semicircular cutout was visible at the bottom. The color is silver and the glow, especially from the side, looked like a raging flame. Later, the radar located 50 kilometers away determined the location of the object at a distance of 100 kilometers and an altitude of 35 kilometers. With the dawn, the object looked like a classic flying saucer, which began to rise up and disappeared. The videotape recorded 15 minutes of clear image of the UFO.
92 1990 Gulf of Finland В 05.10 Л. Грачева наблюдала с побережья залива в направлении Липово (на северо-запад) большой оранжево-красный шар. На небольшом расстоянии от него просматривались более бледные разводы. Через некоторое время показалось, что из него что-то быстро упало вниз. At 05.10 L. Gracheva observed from the gulf coast in the direction of Lipovo (to the north-west).orange-red ball. At a short distance from him, paler streaks were visible. After a while, it seemed that something quickly fell down from it.
93 1990 Gulf of Finland Это случилось в 22 часа в 10 километрах от Кохтла-Ярве. Вначале дети с улицы, а затем и капитан Е. Павлов из окна дома наблюдали плавный пролет эллипсообразного объекта на небольшой высоте. Он завис напротив дома, над поляной около трансформаторной будки на высоте полутора метров. С десяток мальчишек побежали к нему, а И. Маковей зарисовала объект. Он был в диаметре 15 -20 метров. По окружности корпуса проходил пояс из квадратных огней, очень ярких, перламутрово-желтых тонов. Сверху были видны два сигнальных огня, а снизу два выступа - опоры. Через три минуты объект медленно поднялся и резко скрылся в сторону моря. It happened at 22 hours in 10 kilometers from Kohtla-Jarve. First the children from the street, and then Captain E. Pavlov from the window of the house observed a smooth flight of an elliptical object at a low altitude. He hovered in front of the house, over a clearing near a transformer box at a height of one and a half meters. A dozen boys ran to him, and I. Makovey sketched the object. It was 15 -20 meters in diameter. the circumference of the hull was a belt of square lights, very bright, mother-of-pearl yellow tones. Two signal lights were visible from above, and two protruding supports were visible from below. After three minutes, the object slowly rose and abruptly disappeared towards the sea.
94 1990 Laptev Sea Радары засекли четыре объекта на высотах от 1000 до 5000 метров над бухтой Солнечная. Их размеры были с вертолет, скорость - 120 км/час. О полетах в данной зоне служба РЛС всегда оповещается, но в этот раз никакого оповещения не было. Один из объектов пролетел по траектории, в точности повторяя береговую линию острова Большевик. Через два часа вышли из зоны действия РЛС. Radars detected four objects at altitudes from 1000 to 5000 meters above the Sunny Bay. Their size were with a helicopter, speed-120 km / h. The radar service is always notified about flights in this zone, but this time there was no notification. One of the objects flew along the trajectory, exactly repeating the coastal one the line of the island of Bolshevik. Two hours later, they left the radar range.
95 1990 Barents Sea Объект треугольной формы длительное время висел над губой Нерпичья и Малая Лопаткина, где проходят ремонт корабли. The triangular object hung for a long time over the lip of Nerpichya and Malaya Lopatkina, where ships are being repaired.
96 1990 Barents Sea № 1. В 08.00 многие военные и служащие в Западной Лице наблюдали два огня по сторонам овального объекта зеленого цвета. Он бесшумно летел с восточного направления, постепенно снижаясь. В районе площади около Дома офицеров он неожиданно взмыл вверх, осветив всех световым конусом, который не доходил до земли. В воздухе образовался овал, видно было, что он полый внутри. После его исчезновения оставалось некоторое время зеленоватое облачко No. 1. At 08.00, many military and service personnel in Western Ukraine observed two fires on the sides of an oval object of green color. It flew silently from the eastern direction, gradually descending. In the area of the square near the House of Officers, he suddenly soared up, illuminating everyone with a light cone that did not it reached the ground. An oval was formed in the air, it was clear that it was hollow inside. After its disappearance , a greenish cloud remained for some time.
97 1990 Barents Sea № 2. Подобный объект -- яркий шар с конусным лучом вниз - был сфотографирован в то же времянад Пинозером. No. 2. A similar object - a bright ball with a cone beam downwards-was photographed at the same time over Pinoser.
98 1990 Barents Sea В губе Нерпичья при проведении спецработ на плавмастерской ПМ-63 два матроса видели, как два светящихся шара, диаметром 20 -30 сантиметров «просмотрели» трюмы судна и улетели. In the eared seal lip when carrying out special works on flowmasters PM-63 two sailors saw two luminous balls with a diameter of 20 -30 centimeters "looked through" the holds of the ship and flew away.
99 1990 Barents Sea Бывший командующий флотилией подводных лодок В. Коробов в телевизионной передаче «Профессия» признался, что наблюдал в бинокль огромный светящийся объект на высоте 33 километров. По данным РЛС, его размеры были два километра в диаметре (!). Объект медленно перемещался в сторону Норвегии вдоль побережья Кольского полуострова. Решение о запуске ракет было отменено после установления признаков, не свойственных рукотворной технике. Former commander of the submarine flotilla V. Korobov in the television program "Profession" admitted that he observed a huge glowing object with binoculars at an altitude of 33 kilometers. According to the data Radar, its dimensions were two kilometers in diameter (!). The object was slowly moving towards Norway along the coast of the Kola Peninsula. The decision to launch missiles was canceled after establishing signs that are not characteristic of man-made technology
100 1991 Black Sea Жители Севастополя и экипажи кораблей ВМФ, стоящих на рейде, наблюдали ДОП в форме ромба с двумя центральными огнями, затем появилась треугольная пирамида, из каждой грани которой был виден «прожектор». Высота ее была в 12 раз меньше ширины основания Residents of Sevastopol and the crews of Navy ships stationed in the roadstead, watched the UFO in the form of a rhombus with two central lights, then a triangular pyramid appeared, from each face of which a "searchlight"was visible. Its height was 12 times less than the width of the base.
101 1991 Atlantic Ocean Puerto Rico Начальник Управления гражданской обороны Ф. Круз, ожидая высадку эмигрантов на побережье у Эль- Папайо, вместе с окружением видел1, как к берегу стал спускаться светящийся объект, «размером со стадион»! Он завис на высоте 5 -8 метров и висел около получаса. Head of the Civil Defense Department F. Cruz, waiting for the landing of the emigrants on the coast of El Papayo, together with the entourage saw a luminous object, "the size of a stadium", began to descend to the shore! It hovered at a height of 5-8 meters and hung for about half an hour.
102 1992 Yellow Sea Несколько радаров Южной Кореи засекли крупный летящий объект быстро приближающийся к полуострову. Несколько звеньев самолетов ВВС, включая новейшие F-16, были подняты на перехват ДОП. Но через 15 минут, при подлете к порту Кунсан объект исчез с экранов РЛС. К поиску подключились и корабли ВМС, но ДОП пропал. Several South Korean radars detected a large flying object rapidly approaching the peninsula. Several units of Air Force aircraft, including the latest F-16s, were raised to intercept the DOP. But after 15 minutes, when approaching the port of Kunsan, the object disappeared from the radar screens. Connected to the search and Navy ships, but the UFO was gone.
103 1992 Sea of Okhotsk Свидетельствует полковник М. Ковальков из штаба объединения ПВО Дальнего Востока. Военные летчики наблюдали в районе Николаевска-на-Амуре светящийся шар в 50 километрах впереди по курсу. В центре его вспыхнуло гантелеобразное тело: две мерцающие точки, соединенные яркой перемычкой. Вдруг из шара на высоте 11 600 метров ударили в разные стороны одновременно девять лучей разного цвета и разной длины. Бортовой локатор, а также локаторы на трассе объекта не фиксировали. Связь работала без помех. Более часа ДОП демонстрировал «фигуры высшего пилотажа» с мгновенной остановкой и зависанием. При подлете к городу повернул вправо и ушел в глубь материка. Colonel M. Kovalkov from the headquarters of the Air Defense Association of the Far East testifies. Military pilots we observed in the area of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur a glowing ball 50 kilometers ahead on the course. In the center of it , a dumbbell-shaped body flashed: two shimmering dots connected by a bright jumper. Suddenly, from a ball at an altitude of 11,600 meters, nine rays of different colors and different lengths simultaneously struck in different directions. The onboard locator, as well as locators on the route of the object, were not fixed. The connection worked without interference. More than an hour DOP demonstrated "aerobatics" with instant stop and hover. When approaching the city, he turned to the right and went deep into the mainland.
104 1992 North Sea Scotland В службу береговой охраны поступило много сообщений о наблюдении целой «флотилии» ДОП. Они прилетели с севера и при подходе к берегам Шотландии были окружены почетным эскортом из сверкающих объектов. The Coast Guard service received many reports of sightings of an entire "flotilla" of UFO. They came from the north and were surrounded by an honorary escort of glittering objects as they approached the coast of Scotland
105 1992 Pacific Ocean Chile Инфракрасные камеры геостационарного спутника США и Чили «GOES-9» зафиксировали пролет гигантского на вид искусственного тела, диаметром около 400 километров над побережьем Чили. Infrared cameras of the geostationary satellite of the United States and Chile "GOES-9" recorded the flight of a giant-looking artificial body, with a diameter of about 400 kilometers over the coast of Chile.
106 1993 Gulf of Finland Военные моряки из Кронштадта сообщили о наблюдении службой постов береговой охраны синхронного пролета двух светящихся объектов со скоростью больше одного маха на высоте 7 километров. Над Кронштадтом они резко повернули на Санкт-Петербург. Двигались бесшумно, на радарах не фиксировались. Общее время наблюдения 10 минут. Military sailors from Kronstadt reported the observation by the Coast Guard posts service of a synchronous flight of two luminous objects at a speed of more than mach one at an altitude of 7 kilometers. Over From Kronstadt they turned sharply to St. Petersburg. They moved silently, they were not recorded on radar. The total observation time is 10 minutes.
107 1993 Pacific Ocean Тот же спутник «GOES-9» зафиксировал ДОП гигантских размеров, диаметром около 350 километров на скорости перемещения 10 000 км/час. Satellite "GOES-9" recorded a giant UFO, with a diameter of about 350 kilometers and travel speeds of 10,000 km/h
108 1996 Caribbean Геостационарный спутник «GOES-8», установленный над Карибами, зафиксировал ДОП, диаметром более 300 километров. The geostationary satellite "GOES-8", installed over the Caribbean, recorded an area with a diameter of more than 300 kilometers.
109 1997 Barents Sea В небе поселка Видяево (база приписки ПЛАРК «Курск») в девятом часу вечера появились две светящиеся точки на светлом безоблачном небе. Человек пятьдесят наблюдали, как два дисковидных ДОП бесшумно зависли над базой на высоте около 500 метров. Они исчезли через 15 минут, будто растворились. Спустя час- полтора снова появились один, затем другой объект. Через полчаса они также поочередно исчезли. In the sky of the village of Vidyaevo (home base of the Kursk PLARK) at nine o'clock in the evening, two glowing dots appeared in the bright cloudless sky. Fifty people watched as two disk-shaped UFOs hovered silently over the base at an altitude of about 500 meters. They disappeared after 15 minutes, as if they had dissolved. An hour later- one and a half again appeared, then another object. After half an hour, they also disappeared in turn.
110 1998 Sea of Japan Военнослужащий в/части 44 939 рассказал о групповом пролете четырех ДОП круглой формы в Приморье (Ольгинский район) в четыре утра, над заливом Владимира. Общее время наблюдения 11 минут The serviceman in / part 44 939 told about a group flight of four round-shaped aircraft in Primorye (Olginsky district) at four in the morning, over the Gulf of Vladimir. The total observation time is 11 minutes.
111 1998 North Sea РЛС в Великобритании неоднократно обнаруживали ДОП треугольной формы, длиной более 100 метров. Однажды объект летел к Дании со скоростью 27 000 км/час. Два истребителя датских ВВС вылетели на перехват, но ДОП увеличил скорость до 38 000 км/час (10,5 км/сек) и улетел в сторону Атлантики. Radars in the UK have repeatedly detected a triangular-shaped object, more than 100 meters long. Once the object flew to Denmark at a speed of 27,000 km / h. Two Danish Air Force fighters flew to intercept, but UFO increased speed to 38,000 km / h (10.5 km / s) and flew towards the Atlantic.
112 1999 Barents Sea Пограничник Зеленин и начальник заставы Шингиреев наблюдали в бинокль большой шар желтоватого цвета переменной яркости в пяти километрах от заставы. От него исходил темный столб до земли, упиравшийся в сопку. Оттуда слышно было пощелкивание. Все исчезло в 12 часов ночи. Такое происходило и раньше. Border guard Zelenin and the head of the outpost Shingireev observed through binoculars a large ball of yellowish color of variable brightness five kilometers from the outpost. From it came a dark pillar to the ground, resting against the hill. There was a clicking sound. Everything disappeared at 12 o'clock in the morning. This has happened before.
113 1999 North Sea Denmark В Дании опять засекли гигантский ДОП над морем, в сотне километров от побережья. Его наблюдали и с чартерного самолета, который на 10 секунд был озарен ярким светом. Летчики трех других самолетов видели громадный объект, «размером с боевой корабль», красного яркого цвета. Он же был запеленгован и радаром, находившимся в 140 километрах. Газета «Дейли экспресс» сообщила, что объект на несколько секунд завис, а затем взмыл вертикально вверх, мгновенно развив скорость до 1600 км/час. In Denmark, again spotted a giant UFO over the sea, a hundred kilometers from the coast. It was observed with a charter plane that was illuminated by a bright light for 10 seconds. The pilots of the other three planes saw a huge object, "the size of a warship", a bright red color. It was also tracked by a radar located 140 kilometers away. The Daily Express newspaper reported that the object hovered for a few seconds, and then soared vertically upwards, instantly developing a speed of up to 1,600 km / h.
114 2000 Caspian Sea В 01.45 по московскому времени наряды двух застав Дербентского пограничного отряда зафиксировали ДОП на российско-азербайджанской граниде. Он летел на высоте всего 100 метров (в «мертвой зоне» РЛС) в сторону моря в формации трех огней, разнесенных на два метра. Через две минуты объект исчез из поля зрения. Об этом было сообщение по телевидению в «Новостях» в 14. 53. At 01.45 Moscow time, the detachments of two outposts of the Derbent border detachment were recorded DOP on the Russian-Azerbaijani granite. It flew at an altitude of only 100 meters (in the "dead zone" of the radar) towards the sea in a formation of three lights separated by two meters. Two minutes later the object disappeared from the field of view. This was reported on television in the "News" at 14. 53.
115 2000 Sea of Japan Родители собственного корреспондента «Комсомольской правды» во Владивостоке рассказали о наблюдении ДОП на острове Русский: «Три светящиеся точки перемещались по небу в синхронном полете. От первой, самой крупной, пошло полукругом красноватое свечение, сзади следовал шлейф. Летели высоко и бесшумно. Наблюдали их в течение нескольких минут». Эту формацию наблюдали многие жители Приморья - от Владивостока до северных районов. Показания очевидцев совпали в деталях. Гигантский объект рассеивал в вышине что-то типа муки. Их наблюдали и части ПВО. The parents of their own correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Vladivostok told about the observation of the DOP on Russian Island: "Three luminous dots moved across the sky in synchronous flight. From the first, the largest, there was a reddish glow in a semicircle, followed by a plume behind. They flew high and silently. We watched them for a few minutes." This formation was observed by many residents Primorye - from Vladivostok to the northern regions. The eyewitness accounts matched in detail. The giant object was scattering something like flour in the air. They were also observed by air defense units.
116 2002 Atlantic Ocean В 18.45 около базы ВМС «Океания» (США, Вирджиния) двое людей наблюдали дисковидной формы ДОП с мигающими огнями (белый сверху и синий внизу). ДОП передвигался медленно и, казалось, пылал. At 18.45 near the Naval base "Oceania" (USA, Virginia), two people observed a discoid shape. with flashing lights (white on top and blue on the bottom). The UFO moved slowly and seemed to glow.
117 2002 Atlantic Ocean О нарушителе границ свидетельствовали пилоты военных и гражданских самолетов, пролетавших в районе Британских островов - Теркс и Кайкос. Они докладывали о замеченном высоко в небе инверсионном следе. Радарами предполагаемый объект не фиксировался. Поднятые на перехват четыре истребителя NORAD (Аэрокосмической обороны Североамериканского континента) также не увидели источника инверсионного следа. Pilots of military and civilian aircraft flying in the area testified about the trespasser British Isles - Turks and Caicos Islands. They reported seeing an inversion trail high in the sky. The proposed object was not detected by radars. Four NORAD fighters raised to intercept (Aerospace Defense of the North American continent) also did not see the source of the inversion trail.
118 2004 Atlantic Ocean Британская «Индепендент» сообщила о рассекречивании тысяч секретных документов, скопившихся в специальном подразделении SF-4, изучающем сообщения о ДТП. Только за указанный период, согласнопубликованному отчету Министерства обороны Великобритании, зарегистрировано 88 случаев наблюдения ДОП с признаками неземных летательных аппаратов (13 случаев - это 15 % от 88 случаев, доля «гидроаспекта» в ксенологии). The British Independent reported on the declassification of thousands of secret documents accumulated in a special unit SF-4, studying reports of accidents. Only for the specified period, according to the published report of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, 88 cases of surveillance were registered. with signs of unearthly aircraft (13 cases-this is 15 % of 88 cases, the share of "hydroaspect" in xenology).
119 2005 Black Sea 13 случаев. Британская В 22.40 над военно-морской базой на юте Крыма появились четыре огня в треугольной формации, летавшие в течение часа. Есть видео. Об этом рассказал один из свидетелей, военнослужащий Р. Шилин. At 22: 40 over the naval base on the Crimea, four fires appeared in a triangular formation, flying for an hour. There is a video. This was told by one of the witnesses, a soldier R. Shilin.
120 2005 Sea of Japan Жители прибрежных районов Приморья наблюдали группу ДОП, выстроившихся в форме ковша созвездия Большой Медведицы, начиная с 21.10 - на Емаре (оно висело над бухтой Три Поросенка) до 01.30 ночи в Находке. Размеры огоньков были оценены на глаз в 200 метров. Их наблюдали пограничники с заставы Преображения, засекли радары в бухте Киевской и береговая РЛС над мысом Назимова (прямо над ними). Такой же яркий ковшик парил над Владивостоком в десятом часу вечера, одновременно с наблюдаемой группой ДОП в Лазоревском районе, в 400 километрах. Их наблюдали во всех районах приморской столицы. Увиденное было снято Е. Козловским на цифровой фотоаппарат, а телевизионщиками - на камеру (видео показывали по местному телевидению). ПВОшники, обеспокоенные зависанием группы ДОП над центром Владивостока, потом еще часа два летали над бухтой Тихой. Residents of the coastal areas of Primorye observed a group of stars lined up in the form of a bucket of the constellation Big Dipper, starting from 21.10 - on Emara (it hung over the bay of Three Pigs) until 01.30 at night in Nakhodka. The size of the lights was estimated by eye at 200 meters. They were observed by border guards from the outpost Transfiguration, detected radars in the bay of Kiev and coastal radar over Cape Nazimova (directly above them). The same bright bucket hovered over Vladivostok at the tenth hour of the evening, simultaneously with the observed group of DOP in the Lazorevsky district, 400 kilometers away. They were observed in all districts of the seaside capital. What I saw was filmed by E. Kozlovsky on a digital camera, and the TV crew - on the camera (the video was shown on local television). pvoshniki, concerned about the hovering of the DOP group over the center of Vladivostok, then flew for another two hours over the Quiet Bay.
121 2006 Black Sea В 18.05 бизнесмен с товарищем наблюдали в течение полуминуты две группы ДОП, по 10 объектов в каждой, бесшумно летевших в северо-западном направлении строем «клин». Отдельные объекты производили перестроения или перемещались относительно соседних летательных аппаратов. Погода была безоблачная, видимость отличная. Наблюдение велось и военными. At 18.05, the businessman and a friend watched for half a minute two groups of DOP, 10 objects in each, silently flying in a north-westerly direction in a "wedge" formation. Individual objects made changes or moved relative to neighboring aircraft. The weather was cloudless, visibility excellent. Surveillance was also conducted by the military.
122 2006 Black Sea В 05.25 вахтенный дежурный на одном из кораблей ВМФ, стоявшем у пирса в Троицкой бухте, наблюдал более четырех минут бесшумный медленный пролет огромного цилиндрического объекта в северном направлении. Он летел под углом 40 45 градусов, сверкая яркими беспорядочными вспышками в носовой части красно-сине-бирюзового оттенка. Линейные размеры ДОП на глаз (оптических приборов под рукой не оказалось) составляли 200 -300 метров. Вдруг он остановился, принял стойку «кобра», с наклоном корпуса назад. Повисев с полминуты, аппарат вернулся в прежнее положение и улетел. At 05: 25, the watchman on duty on one of the Navy ships, standing at the pier in Trinity Bay, watched for more than four minutes the silent slow passage of a huge cylindrical object in the north Sea. direction. It flew at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees, flashing bright random flashes in the nose of the red-blue-turquoise hue. The linear dimensions of the UFO by eye (there were no optical devices at hand ) were 200-300 meters. Suddenly he stopped, took a cobra stance, with the body tilted back. After hanging for half a minute, the device returned to its previous position and flew away.